Review: The Vampire Mafia: The Complete Series by M.A. Wilder

March 11, 2017

The Vampire Mafia by MA Wilder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Release - December 31, 2016
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Multiple POV - 1st person
Heat - 4 out of 5
Length - 483 pages

Five deadly love stories.
And one dark saga.

This is August, New York, where the chaotic world of the supernatural will collide with unsuspecting, vulnerable humans.


Notorious criminal Mickey McKennan is everything Nora Evers shouldn't want. He's power and sex in a suit with a rogue smile, and when they meet, her world tilts as she falls in lust--until that world halts when tragedy strikes. Nora's life quickly goes from bad to worse, and she finds Mickey at every turn. Although his deadly secrets ensure that trouble follows him, she is drawn to him more and more. But, when her past haunts her present, Nora's life is threatened, and she is unsure of who she can count on to help her survive.


Everyone has a price, and thanks to the captivating Simon Handover and his proposition, Penny Ames has discovered hers. She will just need to make it through one month with him before she can flee and never look back. But, with his Clark Kent good looks and Superman swagger, Simon is more of a threat to Penny than she realizes. While fighting not to lose her heart, she stumbles into a world filled with guns, gangs, and...vampires, and soon, she finds herself also fighting for her life.


When Sosie Savage is taken hostage by the Vampire Mafia due to her father's mistake, the only thing on her mind is survival--until her focus begins to shift as her captors, the D'Avignon brothers, vie for her attention. Powerful yet antagonistic, J.M. and Sebastien fascinate her. Where J.M. is destructive and dangerous, Sebastien acts as the savior with his kindness. With her feelings clouding her mind, Sosie struggles to set things right in the tangled web her father weaved. But, after the D'Avignon family receives threats from rival vampires while enduring run-ins with the authorities, she begins to question her allegiance to her own family and the life that she once knew.


Kidnapped and tortured with no end in sight, Beau D'Avignon is certain death is imminent. That is, until Francesca Slight intervenes. Sheltered daughter of the D'Avignon's sworn enemy, she is now also the owner of Beau's heart. With the animosity between the leading vampire families, their newfound love is not likely to survive, especially when the escalating war threatens all their lives.

Frustrated with her father's lack of action in the search for her missing family, Bellamy D'Avignon is determined to take the reins, but along the way, she crosses paths with someone from the opposite side of the law. He's literally tall, dark, and handsome, and their connection is immediate and undeniable. But, when a life-altering threat hits and emotions take over, Bellamy makes a decision that will change their lives forever.

WARNING: This book contains adult language, violence, and sexual content. Reader and parental discretion is advised.

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If you like PNR, romantic suspense, stories involving a messed up mafia, or high levels of sexiness, then THE VAMPIRE MAFIA series might be for you. Comprised of several moving parts, this series involves corrupt officials, action, vampires (obviously), plenty of insta-lust and insta-love, and loads of bad guys to go around. Although each story wasn't thought-provoking or profound, they were no less enjoyable and entertaining. I liked how the characters crossed over to each story, especially because I felt their stories weren't quite finished, and it also gave the reader a better perspective of each character as they were seen through different eyes. This author created a well-developed world in August, NY, a world that I'm a little bit afraid of, and that is only a small measure of this series' success. I would be happy to read more of these characters. Guns and blood and vampires and sexiness and so much more, oh my!

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