Review: Hinged by Char Sharp

March 12, 2017

Hinged by Char Sharp
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Standalone - Soul Mate Rescued #2
Release - March 14, 2017
Genre - Romantic Suspense
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 2.5 out of 5
Length - 258 pages

She can’t remember him.

He’ll never forget her.

When Robin Finch is abducted and tortured by an evil cybercriminal, her salvation comes in an unlikely hero, Dr. Ramsey Gunn, trauma surgeon and computer genius. Developing amnesia after enduring her captor’s sadistic torture, Robin has no memory of her previous life. Dr. Gunn rescues Robin away from their captor and goes off the grid to keep her safe for years. But Dr. Ram Gunn may not be the savior he claims to be.

Upon his return from a mission, Navy SEAL Cooper Baron discovers his fiancĂ©e missing and presumed dead. Not believing she’s dead and hell-bent on discovering the truth about Robin’s disappearance, he will stop at nothing until she is back in his arms. Through the long years, searching for her in every woman’s face, he’s determined to locate the woman who haunts him. But finding Robin may put her in more danger than she’s ever faced before. Can Cooper’s love help her restore her memories without forcing her to confront the horrific reality of her abduction?

Once the reality is known, can their love survive the truth?

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It was so hard to rate this book. Many elements made it worthy of five stars but because not everything went my way, I had to settle with four.

Cooper and Robin are soulmates. Destined to be together forever, they've been separated for seven years because Robin went missing and was pronounced legally dead. Without a body, Cooper refused to believe she was really gone and never gave up his search for his one true love. And there begins a spiral into what really happened to her and believe me when I tell you, this story is NOT pretty.

Full Disclosure: My heart broke so many times during this book. So freaking many and I absolutely bawled my eyes out at the 83% mark for Ram Gunn. After all of his sacrifice, loyalty, devotion and love, he ended up with nothing. He didn't get his own happy ending and it made me terribly sad.

This story was heartbreaking and then eventually heartwarming. With the suspense and through the flashbacks, my heart felt like it was constantly racing. There was barely a calm moment to be found. Or if it seemed serene, it was the calm before the storm. I was sad, confused, angry, ecstatic, and reduced to tears. This author has a real talent because getting me to leak one drop is a herculean feat. I'm incredibly interested to find out who will be covered in the next story of this series and I must admit that I hope it's not Ram. I'm not ready for him to have his story yet. I need some emotional distance. I hope Steele is up next because he sounds not only mysterious and intriguing, the description for him was extremely hot!!

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