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Girl Meets Boys by Ari Reavis // ARC Review

January 15, 2021

Girl Meets Boys by Ari Reavis

"I'm fighting for you, Emily. I don't even mind the fight because I know in the end that you'll see I'm the better man. But what I won't do is fight for someone who won't even be there in the end. Someone who'll fade away trying to be like everyone else. I won't fight for someone who won't even be the girl I want by the time she chooses me."

Girl Meets Boys by Ari Reavis

Girl Meets Boys by Ari Reavis

Release - January 15, 2021
Genre - New Adult Contemporary Romance/love triangle
Heroine POV - 1st person
Heat Level - 4 out of 5/several scenes
Format/Source - eARC provided by the author
Length - 249 pages
Publisher - Indie

Girl meets boy, they fall in love, and live happily ever after. But what happens when, instead of meeting one boy, the girl meets two?

With Emily starting college, she figures it’s the perfect time to break out of her shell and have a new beginning. She doesn’t expect that in rewriting her story, it would include a love triangle.

First she meets Julian. She can’t help but notice his shirts with quotes on them, that match his quirky personality, his crooked smile and ruffled hair. He understands her in ways few others do. That’s what makes her afraid to let him get too close.

Then she meets Will. He’s from a different world, different crowd. When he goes out of his way to show her just how well she fits in his life, she finds herself getting swept up all too easily. Sometimes though, opposites really shouldn’t attract.

Girl meets boys and soon the choice isn’t which one of them is better, but who she’s better with.

You know that Ari Reavis is a talented storyteller when she can get me to read one of my least favorite tropes ever - the love triangle! I tend to stay away from these types of stories, usually because I end up hating someone (the heroine) and I'd rather save myself the pain and the pressure. But I find it hard to resist this author's writing. So here I am and here are my humble thoughts.

Emily was a young woman trying to find herself. Tired of being the shy one, the one hiding in the shadows, she decided that her first year of college was going to be different. New look, new day, new attitude... same girl. She immediately realizes that nothing was going according to plan, however, she did meet a charming boy named Julian. He was a lot like her, he made her feel free to be herself, and he seemed to adore her for just who she was. But she needed more.

Enter Will. He's the campus bad boy, he comes from money, people seem to flock to him like he's the new Messiah, and Emily is instantly captivated. No matter what he does, she can't seem to get enough. He's the one to pull her out of her shell, to get her to try new things, to become a different person. He offers something that Julian cannot provide. Which girl will Emily be in the end?

This story in no way swayed me to start enjoying love triangles, especially when they involve young people. I'm over teenage angst and drama. Growing up is hard and Emily had to take some hard knocks in order to see the light. I'm happy with who she chose, but dang, she made it hard for herself! The author didn't shy away from illustrating the hurdles and hormones and doubts and insecurities that young people face when she created Emily. She also showed how beautiful it is to find oneself and love oneself for all of one's faults and favors.

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” - Maya Angelou

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Ari Reavis is a wife and mother of five. Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, she enjoys staying in, devouring books and watching movies. Her kids are running around, her husband is trying to show her martial arts moves, and she's trying to write. Her day in a nutshell.

Find more about Ari and her amazing books on her site:

Review: Bring Down the Stars by Emma Scott

January 29, 2019

Bring Down the Stars by Emma Scott
I fell for Connor Drake. I didn’t want to; I fought against it, but I fell in love with him anyway. With his words. With his poetry. With him. The gentleness and beauty of his soul that speaks directly to mine. He writes as if he can feel my heart, hear its cadence and compose the exact right lyrics to accompany every beat and flow.

I’m in love with Connor…so why do I feel an inexplicable pull to his best friend, Weston? Grouchy, sullen, brooding Weston Turner, who could cut you down with a look. Fiercely intelligent with a razor sharp wit and acid tongue, he’s the exact opposite of Connor in every way, and yet there’s electricity in the air between us. The thorny barbs Weston wraps around himself can’t keep me away.

But the more time I spend with these men, the more tangled and confused my emotions become. When they both sign up for the Army Reserves during a time of increasing strife in the Middle East, I fear I’ll never unravel my own heart that sometimes feels as if it will tear straight down the middle…for both of them.

Release: August 19, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat: Fade to black
Type: Book 1 of the Beautiful Hearts duet
Format: eARC provided through NetGalley

ARC Review: TRANSCEND by Jewel E. Ann

March 25, 2018

Transcend by Jewel E. Ann
“In another life, she was my forever.”

An unexpected tragedy leaves Professor Nathaniel Hunt a widower alone with a newborn baby.

He hires a nanny. She’s young, but well-qualified, with a simple life, a crazy name obsession, and a boyfriend she met at the grocery store.

Over time, he discovers she knows things about him—things that happened before she was born—like a hidden scar on his head, his favorite pizza, and how he cheated on a high school Spanish test.

She speaks familiar words and shares haunting memories that take him back to over two decades earlier when he lost his best friend in a tragic accident.

“I’m afraid of what’s going to happen when you realize I’m not her.”

Transcend is a sexy, mind-bending journey that uncovers possibilities, challenges beliefs, and begets the age-old question: is there life after death?

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ARC Review: FOUND by Claudia Burgoa

February 06, 2018

Found by Claudia Burgoa
All I’ve ever wanted was for someone to choose me. My mother didn’t. My father didn’t. The beautiful boy next door, who grew up to marry me, didn’t. Neither did the next man with whom I thought my heart was safe.

Back in the Bay area, three thousand miles from New York City, I can start fresh. Become one with the sea again, rise or fall on the tide of my own choices. But on the first day of my bright new life, the darkest shadows of my past follow me through my office door. The two men whose names are definitely not on my five-year plan.

If I let it consume me—my need for one man, my love for the other—the darkness will swallow me whole. I can’t let that happen. Not again. This time, the waves of emotion crashing against my heart won’t drown me. This time, I get to choose my happy ending.


ARC Review: THREE BLIND DATES by Meghan Quinn

December 31, 2017

Three Blind Dates by Meghan Quinn"Good Morning Malibu, it’s another beautiful day on the west coast! I'm Noely Clark, your host: and I'm in the market for love…”

When the publicity team of the new local restaurant, Going in Blind, began their search for a hot, local celebrity to promote the wildly popular eatery, they couldn’t have found a better person than me.

Outgoing? Check.
Single? Check.
Open to finding love? Check.

I signed up immediately.

A hopeless romantic with an exceedingly demanding schedule, I've found it impossible to find the man of my dreams—so Going in Blind seems too good to be true! That’s until they start setting me up on dates—three very different, very attractive, very distinct blind dates—and only one thing is for certain . . .

I’m in big trouble.

Good Morning Malibu,
I'm Noely Clark, and I have a choice to make.
The question is who will I choose; the suit, the rebel, or the jock.

Review: Dirty Little Secret by Kendall Ryan

September 10, 2017

Dirty Little Secret by Kendall Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Forbidden Desires #1
Release - September 14, 2017
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Mutiple POV - 1st person
Heat - 4 out of 5
Length - 300 pages

She’s much too innocent for me, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting the sweet, young librarian. I’m dominating and possessive, and my control streak runs a mile wide.

The way she looks at me—like I’m one of the heroes in the books she loves, like I’m broken, and she wants to be the one to piece me back together—it only complicates things further. I’m nobody’s hero.

But there’s no denying my tragic past reads like one of her favorite literary classics. It’s raw. Visceral. Captivating. And together, we’re a perfect mess.

How can I resist when the sexual sparks zapping between us set me on fire? The need to control, and claim her force my walls to come tumbling down, but when she learns about my dirty little secret, will my world come crashing down with it?

Find your copy of Dirty Little Secret here:
Goodreads | Amazon

Review: The Neighborhood by Stylo Fantome

January 16, 2017

The Neighborhood by Stylo Fantome
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Twin Estates #2
Release - January 15, 2017
Multiple POV - 3rd person
Heat - 3 out of 5
Length - 385 pages

Things a bad neighbor can do to you:

1. Have loud parties late at night

2. Refuse to mow his lawn

3. Steal your newspapers

4. Rip your heart out and walk all over it

Katya Tocci is willing to admit that she may have bitten off more than she could chew.

Liam Edenhoff showed her a side of life she'd been missing out on - sex and friendship and tacos. But then he betrayed her.

Wulfric Stone taught her that big surprises can come from unexpected places - like from a surly, aggressive, withdrawn bastard. But then he broke her heart.

Now one of them wants forgiveness, and the other wants forever. And Katya? She just wants to forget.

Who knew neighbors could be so difficult?

Review: Black Swan Affair by K.L. Kreig

January 03, 2017

Black Swan Affair by KL Kreig
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Release: October 17, 2016
Length: 324 pages

I’ve loved him as long as I can remember.

The gangly boy with big brown eyes and unruly hair who grew up into an intoxicating man. He wears scruff like he invented it and ambles with a swagger that makes panties drop.

Killian Shepard.


We grew up together. We played Ghost in the Graveyard. Had our own rock band. It didn’t matter that he was five years older than me. It didn’t matter that he looked at me as a kid sister even as I grew into woman. It didn’t even matter when he left me behind to go to college and start his adult life.

He’d be back.
He was always meant to be mine.

He came back, all right. But instead of smelling of promises, he stunk of betrayal. And he destroyed me—us—the day he married my sister instead of me.

So I did the only thing a girl like me in my position could do.

I got my revenge.
I married his brother, Kael.
Now we’re one big happy f*cking family.

***mature content appropriate for 18+