What to Read Weekend (Dec.1)

December 01, 2023

Hello and Happy Friday!

Can you believe it's December already? The year of 2023 has gone by so quickly. I'm trying to end it by doing the things I've been saying I'll do, like binge-watching some TV. I've finally watched Star Trek: Picard (why did I cry so hard over this goodbye?), The Boys, and I'm about to start Invincible. What shows have you binged?

Oh, and am I the only one who didn't know that there was a movie out for Red, White & Royal Blue???

Alright, below I'm sharing a week's worth of what I want to read, what I want to buy (or borrow), what I want to read, and several romance book bargains.

Hopefully you find something to enjoy here too!

New Releases of the Week

Upcoming Releases for Next Week

Dec.4 — Just the Tip by Jenika Snow
Dec.4 — Sealed with a Kiss by Willow Winters & Amelia Wilde
Dec.5 — Kisses Like Rain by Charmaine Pauls
Dec.5 — Broken Arrow by Chelle Bliss
Dec.5 — Dragon Frost by Donna Grant
Dec.5 — Where it Begins by Helena Hunting
Dec.5 — My Darling Bride by Ilsa Madden-Mills
Dec.5 — Holiday Shot by Kat Mizera
Dec.5 — Terror by LeAnn Ashers
Dec.5 — Craving Danger by Michelle Heard
Dec.5 — Among the Heather by Samantha Young
Dec.6 — God of Fury by Rina Kent
Dec.7 — Sable Peak by Devney Perry
Dec.7 — Mistletoe for my Minotaur by Honey Phillips
Dec.7 — In Your Wildest Dreams by Rebecca Jenshak
Dec.8 — Fated Mates and How to Woo Them by AJ Sherwood
Dec.12 — Sharing the Miracle by Kristen Ashley
Dec.14 — Own Me by K.A. Tucker

Other Books I'm Keeping my Eyes on This Week

I still haven't added anything because I still haven't purchased the books I've been interested in. Check them out HERE

What I'm Reading Next

Haunting Adeline by H.D. Carlton
Hunting Adeline by H.D. Carlton
Scheme by Colette Rhodes
A Soul to Touch (Duskwalker Brides #3) by Opal Reyne
Sharpest Edge (Mercenaries and Magic #2) by Alessa Thorn
Heartless (Chestnut Springs #2) by Elsie Silver
Buckled (Trails of Sin #2) by Pam Godwin

Book Deals for under $2


  1. I hope you like Haunting Adeline!

  2. I read and then watched Red, White & Royal Blue. Both were fun! I loved Quinn's book and I'm excited to read Whitney G.'s this weekend. Haunting/Hunting Adeline are some dark reads. You'll need something like Heartless after all of that.

    1. I read the book but I'm always worried about movies ruining the experience for me. Especially with how much I enjoyed this particular book. And thanks for the advice because I'm reading Haunting Adeline now. I'll make sure to read something much lighter next 😆

  3. I have never seen Picard! And I'm between shows so I really need something new to watch... :)

    1. Oh it's so good. They really come full circle with the story, from old to new. I hope you give it a shot 😉


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