Throwback Thursday // Single Parent Trope

October 12, 2023

Hey everyone and welcome to another Throwback Thursday!

Today I'm sharing with you the first five books posted on the blog with the Single Parent Trope. These stories can be hit or miss for me. Some authors do amazing things with these single parents and their kids. And some kids ruin the story.

Hey, don't give me that look!

Anyhoo, I do enjoy this trope and I hope if you haven't read any of the following books, you'll give one of them a try :)

Dissident by Cecilia London

After seeing some early reviews from some of my favourite readers about this series, I knew I had to try it. The Bellator Saga is a political thriller, full of romance and intrigue. I haven't read anything like it before or since, so if you would enjoy something unique, you should definitely start with book one of this series.

Find my review HERE

Lip Service by Simone Sowood

Knox is a single dad who doesn't know how to juggle being a great dad and dating. Avery was the woman to make him question everything. It was light and fun and I enjoyed all of the characters involved in the story. I love when the interactions seem genuine.

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Blood Money by Tee O'Fallon

I enjoyed everything about this book. There's suspense, romance, and a single mom trying to keep things together. I love when I can find no wrong with the characters an author creates. I adored both Alex and Gray and I hope you do too!

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Whisper of Love by Melissa Foster

I love books by this author and this one was no different. Melissa Foster has a warmth that is very evident in her writing. I wonder what she's like in person? This book was light and fun and an easy book recommendation to make.

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Extra Credit by Poppy Dunne

I haven't read another book from this author since I reviewed this one and I'm wondering why. Seems I really enjoyed this story and I loved the main character, Chelle. Her love interest, single dad Will, was a sweetheart and there was a decent amount of heat involved too. There's humour with this romance and I think it would be great for those who enjoy romcoms.

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  1. Great list of books you have here. I adore single parent and Melissa Foster writes those very well. I definitely need to read more of her work.


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