Review // In the Likely Event, Time Thief, and A Ship of Bones and Teeth

September 26, 2023

In the Likely Event, Time Thief, and A Ship of Bones and Teeth

Three books with what appears to be nothing in common... except that they entertained me!

In the Likely Event
by Rebecca Yarros
My Rating

Type: Standalone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trope: Second Chance
POV: Dual 1st person
Heat: a few descriptive scenes
Source: ebook purchase from Amazon
Length: 348 pages
To keep this simple, I'll just share the things I liked:
⭒ the serendipitious vibe throughout the story. Who doesn't want to meet and re-meet their one and only love time and time again?
⭒ the obvious connection between the protagonists. Even if they tried their hardest to fight what they shared in the present.
⭒ the tragic overtones and how hope couldn't help but shine through.

My only real issues were the wartime backdrop (don't know how accurate it was) and Izzy's nonsense with her fiance. Girl, grow up!

Overall, this was very enjoyable and I can see myself reading more from this author.

Time Thief
by Anna Hackett
My Rating

Type: The Anomaly #1
Genre: SciFi Romance
Trope: Time Travel / Enemies to Lovers
POV: Dual 3rd person
Heat: vaguely descriptive
Source: ebook purchase from Amazon
Length: 93 pages
This story was short, not so sweet, and full of drama. Bay was a time thief, meaning she could stop time for brief periods of time. She was also being hunted, and while Sean had her in his sights, he might be the only one able to keep her safe. I really enjoyed the idea of the various anomalies out there and how these people had to cope with their abilities and stay one step ahead of those who wanted them for their powers. The relationship between Bay and Sean was instalust at first sight, but I could see the potential for so much more in the end. I hope to see them in the following books of the series.

A Ship of Bones and Teeth
by Karina Halle
My Rating

Type: Standalone
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Trope: Pirates / retelling
POV: Dual 1st person
Heat: several explicit scenes
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Length: 466 pages
I love retellings and this one was quite enjoyable. It was a bit darker than The Little Mermaid tale we all know and love. For one, Princess Maren wasn't a mermaid. She was a Syren—vicious, man-eating, creature of the sea. She felt unloved and ignored and wanted more. After a glimpse above the sea, she found the sea witch and made a fool's bargain to get legs, have the prince fall in love with her, and get her happily ever after.

Too bad nothing happened the way she wanted them to.

Prince Aerik was abusive and after 10 years of it, Maren had practically accepted her lot in life. When they're captured by pirates, she finally had a taste of freedom. And the first person to see her, to actually see her is the captain of the ship, Ramsay.

I loved Ramsay. He was hilarious, without intending to be. He was loyal, honorable, and yet he was an outcast leading a group of outcasts. There is so much more to learn about him, but I'll let you discover all of the magic of him and this story for yourself. Enjoy!


  1. I loved reading your thoughts on Yarros's book. I hated that fiancé. lol. I hope the war time stuff is fairly accurate. Her husband was retired from the military, so I always give her the benefit of the doubt on that stuff.

    1. LOL I guess the fiance was there for drama?
      I did read that somewhere in her acknowledgements, so I'm guessing she'd know better than me :)

  2. The Ship of Bones and Teeth sounds good.


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