REDEMPTION by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

October 13, 2019

REDEMPTION by Dr. Rebecca Sharp
From bestselling author, Dr. Rebecca Sharp, comes an emotional small-town romance with a twist...

"Love recognizes no barriers" - Maya Angelou
I didn't expect to be gifted with a book about Ash. Once I'd seen his monster temper in Reputation and how he came around, seeking forgiveness, I thought that was that. However, now I know that there was so much more to this man. While he was busy making everyone's dreams come true, his sister and his best friend, his own hopes for himself got lost. So lost that he tried to fill the hole left behind with booze. So much booze that he became a functional alcoholic, equipped with a short temper and some severe paranoia. After hurting those he loved most, he decided he needed to put distance between them and his downward spiral. His quest for redemption led him to the small town of Carmel Cove, a place, according to the author, of open-heartedness, charity, and perseverance.

The water of my sins had swallowed me whole, but it was her touch that pulled me gasping from the depths. And even though I was still drenched in the consequences of my past choices, I could breathe again. I could break free from my watery grave.
I could redeem myself.

Taylor was such a kind and caring character. After helping Ash in one of his hours of need, she took something for herself. After adoring him for years, when she knew her affections were reciprocated, she gave in. Their one moment of intimacy created a blessing, one Ash had no clue about when he decided to leave and find himself. Raised in an extremely pious home, her Catholic upbringing branded her a sinner. Refusing to live under the judgmental eyes of her family and their friends, she seeks out Ash, for succor and to tell him about their baby. However, when he welcomes her with open arms and an open heart, she keeps to her own counsel. She tells him nothing. While they fall deeper in love than either of them expected, she keeps him in the dark.

I realized that the strongest emotion I'd felt in the middle of all this tragedy was love. Because in the midst of utter destruction, it's the only thing worth fighting through it for.

Taylor broke my heart. As much as I loved her, I sat in judgment of her. I abhor secrets and hers was one that wasn't even hers to keep. Ash wasn't abusive. He wasn't a killer, thief, or negative influence. He may not be perfect, but he was so incredibly worthy and he deserved to know. So yeah, my only hangup with this book was the fact that she kept her mouth shut. Angst for no reason really grinds my gears. Otherwise, Redemption was an amazing read about love and forgiveness, a story I'm happy to recommend.

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For years, I was close enough to fame to touch it. Taste it. Drink it.
Until one more drink became my answer to everything.
Until one night I made a mistake which couldn’t be undone.

So, I cut all ties to my former life and the addiction that destroyed it. And I left in search of redemption on the other side of the country.
After months building a new future, I thought my past had stayed put.
Until I opened my front door to find she’d followed me.

Taylor Hastings. My sister’s best friend.
And the good girl I’d never been good enough for.
Not then. Not now. Not ever.

One glance at Taylor’s face told me she’d come searching for a safe haven. One glance at the swell of her stomach told me she hadn’t come alone.
I didn’t hesitate to offer her my help and my home because looking out for her was the right thing to do…
Even if the way I wanted her would always be wrong.

So, I kept my distance. And Taylor kept her secrets.
Until one kiss changed everything.
Until one kiss made me realize it wasn’t our first.

About Dr. Rebecca Sharp
Dr. Rebecca Sharp, while using a pen name, is actually a doctor living in Pennsylvania with her husband - the love of her life.

She enjoys working in her practice with her father as well as letting her creativity run free as an author. Growing up she's always loved a good love story and finally decided to give writing one of her own a go.

After graduating with her doctoral degree, she now enjoys spending that thing called free time traveling with her husband, cooking, and knitting.

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