Review of Junkyard Dog by Bijou Hunter

April 12, 2019

Release: March 10, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance - RomCom
Dual POV - 1st person
Descriptive Heat - 3.5 out of 5
Standalone - part of her White Horse series
Length: 268 pages
Format: ebook purchased from Amazon

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About The Book
Angus Hayes is as mean as a junkyard dog. Well, that's the rumor Candy Wilburn hears before taking the job as his assistant. Hayes doesn't disappoint. He's a giant man with a big mouth and a bigger ego. In the town of White Horse, what the gorgeous and dangerous Hayes wants, he gets. Now he wants his sassy assistant.

Candy has no doubt Hayes will make a great lover, but she doesn't want to be her boss's booty call. At first anyway. Once he shifts from boss to friend and lover, Candy falls hard. Now she can only hope the filthy-mouthed outsider she loves can open his heart and learn to trust.

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You know those books that you shouldn't like but you end up loving them? Books so vulgar and inappropriate and ridiculous that you're at once shocked and appalled and end up laughing your freaking ass off? Books that seem so real, you find it hard to let go of not just the characters but the story itself? That's this book. Junkyard Dog is a hidden gem and I'm so glad I happened across it.

“So she’s like a girl version of you.” “Yeah.” “No wonder you love her. You’ve always been arrogant,” he says, winking at me and then sliding out of the cart. “Figures you’d want to marry yourself.”

Angus is a giant man. Large in stature and large in life. He's scary and rules his town with an iron fist. He smacks fools for fun and has no tolerance for just about anything. He trusts no one and refuses to allow anyone in to see his vulnerabilities. His life changes, for the better, when Candy walks into his office and makes her presence known. She doesn't fear him. This chick doesn't know what fear is. She's a single mom and figures she's already doing the toughest job in the world so how hard could it be to work for this guy. Two volatile personalities, two people who refuse to back down, two characters who love and fight hard, and these people find out they are more alike than not.


Oh and my absolute favorite line:
Oh, and don’t even fucking think of cheating. If I catch you cheating, I’ll cut the bitch’s face off and sew it onto your face. That way, if you want to see your bitch so much, you can just look in the mirror.”

Honestly, I've never heard of this author and if it weren't for Isabella R., I probably never would have picked this book up. The cover doesn't grab me and I'd be more likely to pass on it because of the way it looks than to give it a chance on my own. So thanks Isabella!! If not for her, I wouldn't have discovered the raw energy that permeated this story and fallen in love with not only these characters but the way they were written. You best believe I'll be reading more from this author!!

About The Author

Author of Contemporary ~ New Adult ~ Romantic Suspense

Twitter: BijouBooks

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