Review: COVETED DESIRE by Crimson Syn

November 02, 2018

Coveted Desire by Crimson Syn
Sweetness and fire wrapped into one delicious package
And she’s come to tempt me in every way possible.
This push and pull between us is driving me insane,
And if she continues to push me onto that ledge,
I swear I’ll take her down with me into an erotic abyss
That will leave us both breathless from the sweet torment.
Staying away from her is my escape,
Keeping her is the only alternative that won’t destroy me.

He said I was meant to save him,
But I wasn’t prepared for what that entailed.
He's trapped me in his passionate chaos
And I'm defenseless against him.
Back and forth we go in this seductive wheel of desire,
A desire that will only be quenched by his touch.
How can I turn away from the only man who makes me want to lose control?
He is the most exquisite form of self-torture I’ve ever known.
He is my storm.

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I always enjoy reading stories about romance authors and this one was a doozy. Michael was an extremely hot erotica author who was suffering writer's block. His agent sends him a new editor and he expects a frumpy nobody. What he gets is the woman of his dreams. They quickly develop a friendship and realize their thoughts run along the same lines. Their compatibility should translate into something beautiful but whenever they broach something romantic, they turn into something toxic. Volatile tempers and new emotions fuels a bitter battle between them and it seemed like it would take a freaking miracle to get them on the same page.

I had no tolerance for Adriana. She was a grown woman, I believe she was in her thirties, but I don't really believe that. Why? Because she acted like a prepubescent. She jumped off the edge of assumptions, she lacked communication skills, and her thought patterns were asinine. She about drove me mad in her endeavor to appear solid. I had to dredge up a modicum of sympathy for an event in her past, which I'm guessing was supposed to endear me to her but only served to aggravate me further, and her only redeeming quality was that Michael seemed to be so into her. Michael wasn't incredible or anything, but at least he made sense. He was who he was and didn't make apologies for it. It also helped that he didn't behave like a child.

This story was told in a way that made it hard to remember that it was written by Crimson Syn. It lacked her voice and the special touches that I'm used to finding in her books. I'm sure many will find lots to love in this story because it does have its sexy bits and I'm sorry I wasn't one of them.

Enemies-to-lovers erotic romance

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