Review: BEAUTIFUL BETRAYAL by Crimson Syn

November 03, 2018

Beautiful Betrayal by Crimson Syn
I don’t like to feel tied down to any woman no matter how beautiful,
But Victoria Petrov is not just any woman.
She’s managed to fuck with my head in more ways than one.
I can’t work, I can’t sleep,
And all I want is to find a way to hold on to my sultry beauty.
One night of raw passion, and it has lead me down a dark path,
One I’m willing to take,
As long as I get to keep what’s always been mine, to begin with.
But my beauty hides something from me,
A secret I may not be able to forgive.
A secret that may rip my heart out if I let it.

Seduction is what I do best,
But I never expected to come across a man like Maxwell Cunningham.
His heated touch stirs things deep inside of me,
Feelings I’ve managed to bury deep in my soul,
Yearnings I must ignore if I want to survive.
I was hired to do a simple job,
And in the process, free me from this darkness I’ve been bound to.
I never would have imagined my path would lead me to this man,
A man who’s managed to steal my heart,
A man I’ll ultimately have to betray.

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After losing his fiancee some time ago, Matthew's not interestedin love. That is until he finds Victoria (or she finds him). After throwing himself wholeheartedly into Ravenhead, he hasn't had the time or inclination for relationships, satisfying his needs with one-night stands. And that's all Victoria was supposed to be - one night of incredible sex. But when Victoria shows up for her new job, it's at Ravenhead and things just got a lot more complicated.

So hot!! When you're looking for a sexy story with substance, you can't go wrong with anything from Crimson Syn!

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