Review: BADCOCK TOUR 2: A COX SISTER CRUISE by Christine Besze

November 02, 2018

What’s better than a free cruise?

Seamen. Lots of seamen.

Lisa’s ready to set sail with a full-on booze cruise experience. Thanks to the help of her cocksisters, she’s able to let her freak flag fly full mast and get her Jolly Roger off. It’s just too bad these ladies get more than they bargained for.

With lube, chocolate dicks, and a monkey, what could possibly go wrong?

***Warning*** If you do not have a sense of humor, enjoy your drinks dirty, and your puns even dirtier then this book is not for you. Jump ship! Jump ship now!


Let the hilarious hijinks continue!

I thought Darcie was a mess. I didn't even factor in Lisa and her own version of nuttiness. She gave me tons of laughs in the first book so I knew she was guaranteed to give me a good time in this one. She was warm and loving, real and creative, sexy and endearing. Lisa was a lot of fun and the type of friend every girl needs in her life. While Darcie got her happy ending, Lisa felt like she got burned and she just wanted to move on. Luckily she had won a cruise and had her freaks/besties by her side. However, what they didn't know was exactly what kind of cruise they were on and finding out was a joke in itself.

So while the choices aboard ship for a naughty rendezvous were limited, Lisa still found a way to get her freak on. But what she thought was something new may have just been a blessing in disguise. What do you do when your second chance at love is found in the very last place you'd imagine? Amidst a thrilling adventure in a jungle, Lisa and her friends had the time of their lives. But their hilarity isn't at its end... Jodi, the sexy Brit that she is, will be getting her very own book and I can't wait!!

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