ARC Review: DARK GLITTER by C.M. Stunich & Tate James

March 06, 2018

Ciarah O’Rourke was born into torture.
A human spirit reincarnated in the body of an ancient fae goddess, she’s spent the last five years in iron shackles, her mind poisoned with magic for secrets she doesn’t know.

Waking up in a dirty alley with no memory of her escape, Ciarah finds herself in the hands of The Wild Hunt Motorcycle Club--a ruthless and violent group of bikers with faerie blood in their veins.

Arlo. Reece. Killian.
Three men drenched in death, sin, and old magic.
From their clubhouse in the middle of the Louisiana bayou, they’ll offer Ciarah the keys to unlock her memories and control the veil between worlds. But even her knights can’t erase the twisted scars that remind her they aren’t the only ones who hunt.

When The Wild Hunt rides, the souls of the dead join their parade.
All that’s missing now is their queen.

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My rating: 3 of 5 stars

New-to-me authors and a new-to-me sub-sub-subgenre. No one can say that I’m not trying new things for 2018! While I didn’t immediately fall in love with this story, mostly because it tested my personal boundaries, there was plenty to love about this book.

Ciarah O’Rourke wakes up in an alley with no memory of who she is, much less how she got there. Bits and flashes reveal torture and pain and little else. Through a strange sequence of events, she meets the very people she was meant to be with and figures out she is meant for great things. She’s the Veil Keeper and everyone has been waiting a long time for her. Her memories are coming back slowly but they need to hurry up so that she can fulfill her destiny.

Gods, Goddesses, rougaroux, werewolves, sprites, seers, witches, etc. There were many characters and they all played an integral part to the story. Ciarah was a goddess herself and the members of the Wild Hunt Motorcycle Club were her army. Then there was the an animalistic, almost feral theme to these characters. Like there were pheromones constantly floating in the air. These people couldn’t keep their hands to themselves and there didn’t seem to be any discretion. Every interaction, conversation, and scene had a sexual undertone. It made for some pretty hot and steamy times!

As for the characters themselves, the authors did a good job of offering some depth to them. I wanted to know more but I think that the ‘more’ that I want might be revealed as the series develops. I’m sure there’s more to the backgrounds of Arlo, Reece and Killian, as well as the other members of the club, not to mention the werewolves and the motives of each. And with the way this book ended, I know that the next one is going to be explosive.

Release: 01-24-18 | Genre: Fantasy/PNR/Reverse Harem | POV: Multiple - 1st person | Heat: 4 out of 5 | Wild Hunt Motorcycle Club #1

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