Review: Sound Effects by L.J. Greene

Sound Effects Sound Effects by L.J. Greene
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I dove into this book, but I got more than I bargained for. That's for sure. The author created wholesome characters.

I know... I know! Who does that?! No one was spiteful, mean spirited, callous, jealous, rude, etc. No one! And the book still worked!!

This story involved budding rock star Jamie and fresh out of law school, Melody. It was basically love at first sight for both of them. No question. And although there was a bit of an upset at the beginning...

... straight-laced Mel had to dig deep to accept Jamie's artistic force, and there was very little angst between this couple. Honestly, the "problems" ranked really low on the real problem scale. And it still totally worked!

I was caught up in the words. The author wrote this story beautifully. I loved how she illustrated the events, the camaraderie between the main and side characters, and the depth of emotion felt by all. I especially loved how she detailed the music. She made it its own entity and it was pure magic. This story was light and magical.

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