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Review: Six by K.I. Lynn

Six Six by K.I. Lynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really liked this book. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, trying to figure out what was going to happen next and who else was going to die.

Paisley is a smart and sarcastic woman who becomes the pawn in a plot beyond her control. She is kidnapped and held captive by a sociopathic secret government agent, Six, who promises to kill her when his job is done. Seriously. He keeps reminding her throughout the story that he's got a bullet with her name on it. I lost count of the many times he's held a gun on her.

Six has a problem. Someone's cleaning up the Cleaners. And until he figures out who and stops them, no one is safe. He's kept Paisley alive for information, but eventually the lines start to blur.


I used that book tease ^^^^^ because I think it sums up the story the best. Whoever created it was right on the money.

This book was intense, sexy, thrilling and crazy. Definitely not your typical romance but I do recommend it to those who like their themes a little dark.


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