Review: Can't Touch This by Tess Hunter

Can't Touch This Can't Touch This by Tess Hunter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think this was the only time I gave a Pepper Winters book less than 5 stars but it came pretty close. I really tried to, but the FMC, Vesper, got on my nerves one too many times.

I loved that this was such a departure from what I've come to know and love from this author. There was none of the darkness, no suspense, but the underlying theme of love still remained and boy can this author right about love. This story was light and sweet and refreshing, and the only angst was that which the characters created within themselves.


So swoon-worthy that I have to repeat myself!

He was such a lovable character. So freaking sweet, sarcastic, humble, sexy, gorgeous, generous, compassionate, etc. I LOVED him so much. He had devoted his life to rescuing animals and it only served to further endear him to me. Vesper was a vet who had a huge heart for animals as well. Together they just worked. They fit and their union was almost seamless.

Can't Own This is next and I'm so excited to see what PW has done with it. The blurb for it is so interesting!

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