Review: Falsified by A. Akinosho

January 01, 2017

Falsified by A. Akinosho
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Release: May 20, 2016
Length: 382 pages

The kidnap is achieved leaving us with the question. Who kidnapped Tamara?
Tamara Turner is a smart and sassy college co-ed. She had a chance meeting at the magnificent mile with a uniquely different yet special man. She secretly married the man, after a whirlwind romance of only a few weeks. A silent yet powerful enemy pulled all strings to end the relationship.
Years later, Tamara is now a rising assistant state’s attorney. She is trying her first murder trial as the lead prosecutor. The case brings the men in her past to her present. The chance man, the obsessed man and the possessive man, all three fired up and unwilling to let go. She makes a choice of the three. Her choice unbeknownst to her makes her the target of enemies willing to kidnap or kill her.

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My Review

Copy given in exchange for an honest review

The story was definitely intriguing and mysterious. It was a quick who-dun-it. Tamara was kidnapped and in the end we still don't know who it was. The author gave enough information/clues to conclude that there are at least 4 suspects, but even when Tamara confronted the perpetrator, their identity wasn't revealed. I'm wondering if this will be tackled in a second book.

Omar was amazing from the moment he was introduced. He and Tamara experienced insta-love and although their connection was written a bit choppily, there was no doubt of their chemistry. Omar was loving, loyal, protective, successful, considerate, etc. He was an extremely likable character.

Tamara was harder to like. At times she was immature, impulsive, condescending, etc., which reflected negatively on her character. Add to that the fact that the author had EVERY man (basically) in the book madly in love with her, it was pretty difficult to take this character seriously.

Final Thoughts
It was an amazing first book. I would recommend it to romantic mystery lovers and would be interested in seeing more of this story.


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