Scheme by Colette Rhodes

January 29, 2024

Scheme by Colette Rhodes

Being an omega was like being a fragile fluffy bunny
with a hard-on for slavering wolves.

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Scheme by Colette Rhodes

Scheme by Colette Rhodes

Rating -
Standalone - On the Shelf #1
Release - July 28, 2023
Genre - Paranormal Romance / fake relationship
POV - Primarily single 1st person (heroine)
Heat - several filthy scenes (omegaverse includes knotting and slick descriptions)
Source - Kindle Unlimited
Length - 300 pages

Margot doesn’t have time for a mate. Between her legal career, and the multitude of friends and siblings who rely on her, her schedule is full.

And if her schedule is full specifically so she doesn’t have time to find a mate? Well, that’s a matter between her and the therapist she keeps forgetting to make another appointment with.

As a travel photographer, Kit is always on the move, going wherever his clients need him to be. There’s nowhere for a nest in economy class or the backs of buses, and Kit has accepted that his choice of career means he’ll never have an omega of his own.

And he’s fine with that.

But if there’s one thing Margot and Kit have in common, it’s that no one else accepts they could possibly be happy alone.

Between them, can they hatch a scheme to keep their friends and families off their backs? Or will their best laid plans lead to the best laid something else entirely?

I liked how easily relatable Margot was. She was burdened by the expectations of others and she was a people pleaser, and while I couldn't relate to that, I could feel a kinship with her efforts to be independent, self-sufficient, and to not settle for less than she deserved. Being constantly reminded by certain members of her family that she was less than, I loved how she was still vulnerable by her poor self-worth while asserting her strengths. She was kind and generous, smart and successful, and I wanted the best for her.

Kit was completely and hilariously ignorant in the ways of alphas and omegas. I thought it was very curious that as an alpha, he didn't really know himself. However, I thought he was extremely brave when he admitted his cluelessness and made steps to correct it. He constantly put his foot in his mouth when it came to Margot, but he didn't let that foot stay there. Of course I admired him!

I found it incredibly realistic that Margot was hesitant to give Kit or her feelings for him a real shot. She was hurt and carried those scars with her every day. I'm just glad Kit was a great hero and didn't quit. They were both able to recognize something special in the other and the journey to get to their shared happiness was full of warmth, fun, and plenty of kink.

Colette Rhodes is a huge fan of paranormal romance and reverse harem books. They're what she loves to read and what she loves to write. #WhyChoose, right?

Colette studied both History and Ancient History at university and loves including both historical facts and ancient mythology in her work.

When she's not writing, you'll find her spending time with her husband and daughter in beautiful New Zealand.

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  1. Awesome review, babe! ❤️ I'm always looking for MF or MFM omegaverse, so I'm definitely adding this to my tbr. 😍


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