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Scheme by Colette Rhodes

January 29, 2024

Scheme by Colette Rhodes

Being an omega was like being a fragile fluffy bunny
with a hard-on for slavering wolves.

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Scheme by Colette Rhodes

Scheme by Colette Rhodes

Rating -
Standalone - On the Shelf #1
Release - July 28, 2023
Genre - Paranormal Romance / fake relationship
POV - Primarily single 1st person (heroine)
Heat - several filthy scenes (omegaverse includes knotting and slick descriptions)
Source - Kindle Unlimited
Length - 300 pages

Margot doesn’t have time for a mate. Between her legal career, and the multitude of friends and siblings who rely on her, her schedule is full.

And if her schedule is full specifically so she doesn’t have time to find a mate? Well, that’s a matter between her and the therapist she keeps forgetting to make another appointment with.

As a travel photographer, Kit is always on the move, going wherever his clients need him to be. There’s nowhere for a nest in economy class or the backs of buses, and Kit has accepted that his choice of career means he’ll never have an omega of his own.

And he’s fine with that.

But if there’s one thing Margot and Kit have in common, it’s that no one else accepts they could possibly be happy alone.

Between them, can they hatch a scheme to keep their friends and families off their backs? Or will their best laid plans lead to the best laid something else entirely?

I liked how easily relatable Margot was. She was burdened by the expectations of others and she was a people pleaser, and while I couldn't relate to that, I could feel a kinship with her efforts to be independent, self-sufficient, and to not settle for less than she deserved. Being constantly reminded by certain members of her family that she was less than, I loved how she was still vulnerable by her poor self-worth while asserting her strengths. She was kind and generous, smart and successful, and I wanted the best for her.

Kit was completely and hilariously ignorant in the ways of alphas and omegas. I thought it was very curious that as an alpha, he didn't really know himself. However, I thought he was extremely brave when he admitted his cluelessness and made steps to correct it. He constantly put his foot in his mouth when it came to Margot, but he didn't let that foot stay there. Of course I admired him!

I found it incredibly realistic that Margot was hesitant to give Kit or her feelings for him a real shot. She was hurt and carried those scars with her every day. I'm just glad Kit was a great hero and didn't quit. They were both able to recognize something special in the other and the journey to get to their shared happiness was full of warmth, fun, and plenty of kink.

Colette Rhodes is a huge fan of paranormal romance and reverse harem books. They're what she loves to read and what she loves to write. #WhyChoose, right?

Colette studied both History and Ancient History at university and loves including both historical facts and ancient mythology in her work.

When she's not writing, you'll find her spending time with her husband and daughter in beautiful New Zealand.

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Series Review // Inside Out by Lisa Renee Jones

Today's flashback is the Inside Out series by Lisa Renee Jones. These books were the first ones I ever tried from this author and I knew, pretty quickly, that I had found a new favourite. A bit of mystery and a bit of kink makes this series an easy recommendation to make.

Please note that I read and reviewed this series years ago so the style is far different than what I produce now :)

1. If I Were You

How It All Started...

One day I was a high school teacher on summer break, leading a relatively uneventful but happy life. Or so I told myself. Later, I'd question that, as I would question pretty much everything I knew about me, my relationships, and my desires. It all began when my neighbor thrust a key to a storage unit at me. She'd bought it to make extra money after watching some storage auction show. Now she was on her way to the airport to elope with a man she barely knew, and she needed me to clear out the unit before the lease expired.

Soon, I was standing inside a small room that held the intimate details of another woman's life, feeling uncomfortable, as if I was invading her privacy. Why had she let these items so neatly packed, possessions that she clearly cared about deeply, be lost at an auction? Driven to find out by some unnamed force, I began to dig, to discover this woman's life, and yes, read her journals--dark, erotic journals that I had no business reading. Once I started, I couldn't stop. I read on obsessively, living out fantasies through her words that I'd never dare experience on my own, compelled by the three men in her life, none of whom had names. I read onward until the last terrifying dark entry left me certain that something had happened to this woman. I had to find her and be sure she was okay.

Before long, I was taking her job for the summer at the art gallery, living her life, and she was nowhere to be found. I was becoming someone I didn't know. I was becoming her.

The dark, passion it becomes...

Now, I am working at a prestigious gallery, where I have always dreamed of being, and I've been delivered to the doorstep of several men, all of which I envision as one I've read about in the journal. But there is one man that will call to me, that will awaken me in ways I never believed possible. That man is the ruggedly sexy artist, Chris Merit, who wants to paint me. He is rich and famous, and dark in ways I shouldn't find intriguing, but I do. I so do. I don't understand why his dark side appeals to me, but the attraction between us is rich with velvety promises of satisfaction. Chris is dark, and so are his desires, but I cannot turn away. He is damaged beneath his confident good looks and need for control, and in some way, I feel he needs me. I need him.

All I know for certain is that he knows me like I don't even know me, and he says I know him. Still, I keep asking myself -- do I know him? Did he know her, the journal writer, and where is she? And why doesn't it seem to matter anymore? There is just him and me, and the burn for more.

Rating -

First, let me get something off my chest.

Sara annoyed the fluck out of me!

I know. I know. Wtf and all that. Once again I'm in the minority. But please understand the great effort I made to overcome this irritation in order to actually enjoy this book.

Don't get it twisted. There were quite a few things that I liked about her. Like... even though we're not given the whole story, I admired how she struck out on her own without her Daddy Warbucks. However... she went on and on ad nauseum about being embarrassed about her life. About her itty bitty apartment and $500 dining table. Does the fact that my table only cost $200 make me impoverished??? Well excuuuuuse me for having small children with animalistic eating habits so therefore haven't earned something fancy! Who the frig cares how little or how much you spent on a damn table?! Girl was always talking about prices. Dammmmmn!!

And so it went. For every like there was a dislike. And then the dislikes surpassed the likes. It happens.

I didn't appreciate her nosiness but I understand that it was necessary for the story. But I'd be pissed if someone were trying to dig up in my business the way she has. And then trying to take over someone's life in an effort to help... a tad psycho-ish!

Ella and Rebecca's disappearances, figuring out who the man is in the journals, and seeing more of Chris Merit are what are driving me to continue this series. There are so many questions and I can't wait to discover the truth, especially after that cliffhanger.

On to reading Rebecca's journals and being a bit nosy myself lol.

1.1 The Seduction

The secret life of Rebecca and the men who have seduced her.
These are the journals Sara never sees, but you the reader, will!

Rebecca meets the rich, darkly alluring man who will draw her into a passionate, intense affair and tempt her into erotic experiences she never thought she would dare.

Rating -

I'm so lost.

Rebecca built up her intense attraction to Mark, who seemed to not reciprocate. Then she went on and on about their chemistry, the sexual tension, and the things left unsaid between them. I just didn't see it.

Then there's a time jump and there's a man she refers to as Master. Am I to assume that he's Mark? The description of the eyes and the dominance kind of convince me that it's him.

P.S. How did her mother betray her?

1.2 The Contract

The secret life of Rebecca and the men who have seduced her.
These are the journals Sara never sees, but you the reader, will!


Rebecca meets the rich, darkly alluring man who will draw her into a passionate, intense affair and tempt her into erotic experiences she never thought she would dare.

Rating -

I'm still lost. Why would she sign the contract if she still had so many doubts?

Why are the women in this series so freaking dumb???

I wish Rebecca had a friend to confide in and seek advice from. Then again she probably wouldn't turn to them because she (like Sara) believe they know everything and think they can handle anything. Maybe she wouldn't have appreciated a friend in this instance.

1.3 His Submissive

The secret life of Rebecca and the men who have seduced her.
These are the journals Sara never sees, but you the reader, will!

In His Submissive, passion and torment become one.

Rating -

Although I have a pretty strong suspicion of who Master is, I'm still pretending that it's a mystery. I won't even read reviews for this series past book one because I don't want to read any spoilers that will either confirm or deny my suspicions.

Although trying to figure this out hurts the brain, it's exciting to try.

Okay, I'm off to see if I'm right!

1.4 My Master

Kept under lock and key, discovered by chance, dangerous new secrets and scintillating adventures lie within Rebecca's private diaries--searing scenes from a passionate journey inside a world where pain is pleasure, pleasure is pain, and where every limit she once had is no more.

In My Master, it's Rebecca's turn to claim control and set the limits in her relationship.

Rating -

I don't care about spoilers anymore. I'm not hiding mine. I think Master has to be Mark. There is no other logical choice. No one else has been introduced to the story either.

I'm glad that it seemed that Rebecca finally found a backbone and was trying to find herself, away from Master's control. Good for her.

Now to continue reading to get some more dang answers!

2. Being Me

Fascinated by the dark fantasies in the journals she’s discovered, and the two men who have now found a place in her life, Sara McMillan finds herself torn between her new life and her past. Now, more than ever, Sara identifies with the lost journal writer, Rebecca, and is certain that something sinister has happened.

In the arms of the sexy, tormented artist Chris Merit, Sara seeks answers about Rebecca and ends up discovering things about herself she never knew existed. Chris forces Sara to reconsider who she is and what she truly wants from life, but not before his dark desires threaten to tear them apart. Her boss, Mark Compton, offers her the shelter to understand just what those needs mean to her, and what they might have meant to Rebecca, but can she trust him to lead her to a final conclusion to Rebecca’s story?

Rating -

This book was an exhilarating ride and suspenseful journey. I didn't expect what I received from this installment. I was absolutely thrilled by the direction this story took.

Sara was confused for the most part. The people who surrounded her didn't help with clarification. It was one of those instances where people are not always who they seem. She had to play Nancy Drew just to garner little nuggets of information. These people sure like to play their cards close to their chests. I felt bad that she was tormenting herself for so long over her "devastating secret". I hate when victims are made to feel blame and/or shame. All it does is further the victimization. I hope we get to see her overcome these feelings and start seeing herself as a survivor.

Chris seemed to have way too many secrets. This only made him HOTTER!! I can tell that what's been revealed is only the tip of the iceberg. Somehow though, I get the feeling that he's been a victim as well and is playing the blame/shame game too. I guess the next installment will show me if I'm correct in my assessment. Regardless, I love Chris. I love his dominance, his power, his altruism, his talent, his humour, his possessiveness, and overall, the way he loved Sara.

Mark definitely deserves a book of his own. He seemed amazingly complex. I can only guess at what makes up his layers. I didn't see him as the villain per se, but he's no hero lol. I think he could be a good man, but I think something or someone has prevented him from being one.

I'm just thankful that what really happened with Rebecca was revealed. I can't say that I'm shocked.

On to book three to find out what's in store for Chris and Sara.

3. Revealing Us

You’ve discovered Rebecca’s secrets. You’ve discovered Sara’s secrets. Now Sara will discover “his” deepest, darkest secrets…but will those secrets bind them together—or tear them apart?

No in-between…

He has become her life, her heart, her very soul. But he is dark and damaged, and his secrets are many. Sara will risk everything for him. He, in turn, will dare to expose his deepest needs, his most erotic desires. And in the fury of passion he will reveal all that torments him, all that he can never escape. To love him, Sara must embrace the darkest part of him, and become his shelter in a storm that will be his ultimate salvation.

Rating -

The revelations just kept on coming! In this installment, Chris and Sara are trying to deal with what happened with Ava, trying to find Rebecca, and figuring out where the heck Ella disappeared to.

Sara still came off as confused and unsure (so freaking annoying!), but there were definitely signs of personal growth. Her inner strength made an appearance, although it was brief.

It sucks that I was right about Chris. He was tormented by events that happened that were beyond his control. He and Sara could be poster children for self-blame.

Although the ending gave a HFN, it seemed quick and unfinished. Thankfully there appears to be more to read in this series. I hope Sara finds a way to help Chris absolve his unwarranted guilt so that they can have a true HEA.

3.1 His Secrets

An Inside Out story, Chris's POV

In a world where my only escape has been my art, Sara has been the light in my darkness. And there is darkness, the kind of inky black that can bleed from my life to hers.

She doesn't see it. She doesn't understand what I've shown her. And my biggest fear is that soon...she will.

Rating -

I loved Chris. I wish the entire series was in his POV alone!!

This book was straight drama. It felt like Chris couldn't catch a damn break from his demons. Especially not with both Amber and Isabel trying to manipulate him. In this installment, Sara was really just along for the ride. I did feel bad for Amber because it was obvious that she was suffering, but she made her own choices. She was grown. Chris may not have been the best influence, but she chose to follow him. The consequences of her actions are hers alone and she needs to stop blaming him for everything!

3.2 The Master Undone

I told him goodbye, and I will not call him. I know if I do, it will be my undoing, and I'll once again be caught up in his spell. I will once again be...lost.

In her private journals, Rebecca laid bare her soul, revealing her obsession for the one man whose erotic demands captivated her imagination--and enslaved her forever. Now, with Rebecca no longer in his life he is lost, questioning everything he thought he knew about himself and about control he holds in such high regard. One women will reach out to heal him and then turn away, leaving him haunted. She is nothing he thought he wanted and somehow everything he needs. He tells himself to forget her but he cannot escape his desire for her. He has to have more...

Rating -

I surprisingly liked getting Mark's POV. Although I just wanted the series to centre around Chris and Sara (mostly Chris), I can see why this installment was necessary. It completely humanized Mark. I got to see his love for family, his strength, his dominance, his love for Rebecca (though it wasn't thorough or detailed), and even hints of his vulnerability.

While I'm not that interested or invested in a story around Mark and Crystal, I can understand its appeal and appreciate his perspective.

3.3 My Hunger

An Inside Out Novella in Mark's POV

While Chris and Sara have traveled to Paris to avoid the chaos of press and police after the tragic night we’d shared, I have stayed to face the reality of what has happened. But there is no peace to be found in facing the truth, and no truth to be found in the confessions that have been made and retracted. I am a Master, all about control, and yet right now, facing great tragedy, I feel as if I have none. With my club and my relationships of the past in the spotlight, I find sanctuary in the one place I’ve promised I will never be again, but cannot seem to resist. Her arms.

Rating -

I'm still not the biggest fan of Mark and Crystal's relationship, but this installment was incredibly hot! There are even more glimpses of Mark's vulnerability as he's still reeling from what happened with Rebecca. The circumstances and his guilt have made him question his ability to continue being a Master. If it's even necessary. In my opinion, with what's going on with him and Crystal, he needs to just let it go and enjoy what he could have with her.

4. No In Between

"Chris and I have faced our demons and bared our souls to one another in Paris. Now that we are back home in San Francisco, I want to believe that nothing can tear us apart. Not Ava’s accusations against me to the police, or Chris's fear that he will destroy me as he feels he did Amber. And not Mark, who was once too intimately a part of our lives, and who I can see crumbling inside out. He believes he is invincible, just as I want to believe Chris and I are invincible. We have to be invincible. We need each other too much for any other ending."

Rating -

I felt like the series started to lag a bit in this installment. A lot of this book seemed like filler and left me unsatisfied with its direction. I think this is mostly due to the way I felt about Sara. She was incredibly hard to tolerate. Still... Extremely hard. I continued this series for Chris mostly, Mark, and the security men like Jacob and Blake to be honest. Sara just served to try to drive me insane!

The investigation kept things interesting. Chris was just as sexy as ever. And Mark with his pain made him an empathetic character.

I would have liked this more if it weren't told from Sara's POV.

5. All of Me

In the sizzling conclusion to Lisa Renee Jones’s bestselling Inside Out series, Chris and Sara finally embark on the road to marriage—but will the threats from their pasts steal their joy?

Sara and Chris have fled to Paris to escape the aggressive reporters covering an explosive scandal. But a long-time heartache from Chris’s past awaits him there, and he finally allows Sara in fully as he shares his darkest secrets with her. Seeking peace, they spend some time at his chateau in the countryside, planning their Valentine’s Day wedding, then return to Paris for a magical Christmas. And when they finally head home to San Francisco, other broken connections from their lives are made whole again. Healing finally seems within reach…until a surprise visitor right before the wedding throws Sara into turmoil. Will they ever be totally free of their pasts?

Rating -

This was truly a sweet conclusion to this series. Chris and Sara are more solid than they ever were (mostly due to Chris of course) and have vowed their lives and hearts to one another. Mark has never seemed more real and he's got the charming Crystal by his side. I couldn't be happier for these people. This book gave them some much needed closure.

The only unfinished business is Ella but I'm guessing that will be covered in the spin-off series.

All of Me was short, sexy and sweet and gave us just enough to say a cheerful goodbye to the story.