Throwback Thursday // Arranged Marriage Trope

December 14, 2023

Hey everyone and welcome to another Throwback Thursday! Every week I'll be sharing my book recommendations within a romantic trope or theme.

Today I'm sharing the first five Arranged Marriage romance books I loved and reviewed on the blog. This happens to be one of my favorite tropes, especially when it's done as well as the books listed below. When they're enemies to start out just makes it sweeter!

If you happen to know of a book in this trope that you think I'd love, please let me know.

Deathless & Divided by Bethany-Kris

No one and I mean NO ONE writes mafia romance like Bethany-Kris. When she makes the couple struggle through an arranged marriage... I don't know what kind of magic she sprinkles into her books, but they're like my catnip. Two strong protagonists, battling their feelings and each other, making for one heck of a journey to true love and a happy ending. Need I say more?

Find my review HERE

Vein of Love by R. Scarlett

This entire series, Blackest Gold, is incredible. The heroine has no idea about her potential, the hero is so much more than he seems, and they were promised from birth. There's a ton of darkness spread throughout and if you enjoy that kind of thing with a paranormal twist, you'll enjoy these books.

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Arranged by Lexi Blake

I can't be the only one who's a fan of these novellas. This couple are a pair of opposites... or are they? I haven't read much from this author, but if her other books are anything like this one, I'd read them all!

Find my review HERE

Crowned by Hate by Amo Jones

This story gave me a hard time. Seriously, this book made me realize how wholly and completely this author likes to screw with our minds. It even ends on a devastating cliffy. I was a hot mess with this book.

Find my review HERE

Secrets by Aleatha Romig

Take one part delicious alpha hero, part brilliant and brave heroine, and TONS of secrets, and you've got this amazing series. I haven't read a lot from this author, but of everything I've read, this series was the best.

Find my review HERE


  1. I love this trope, but I haven't read any of these. I'm going to have to check out your thorough reviews on them.

  2. How have I not read any of these? This is honestly my favorite trope in any sub genre. But its so rare in a more modern setting. Have you read Catharina Maura? She has quite a few books with the arranged marriage trope for contemporary.

    1. I have not read Maura, but I'll definitely be looking into her books! Thanks so much for the rec :)


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