Review // The Devlin Black trilogy by Alaska Angelini

August 12, 2023

I'm sure I'm not the only blogger who has read books that they forgot to share. I read a ton of books before starting this blog and many of them are part of a genre or subgenre I'm no longer interested in. This particular series has elements of BDSM, which isn't something I search for anymore. I read this trilogy in 2016 and I remember enjoying it. I wonder if you've read them and if not, is this a trilogy you'd like to give a try? Let me know in the comments!

The Devlin Black trilogy by Alaska Angelini

Dear Ladies,
I’m the man of your dreams and I can prove it. All shapes and sizes are welcome. I’m ready to settle down and start a family. Must be open to a long term relationship. The true kind. One that will last forever (contract required and only voided by me). I’ll show you how a woman is really supposed to be treated. Submissive preferred, but not required. Will train. It’s time to Dom up.
Sincerely, Devlin Black

(To be printed in the Los Angeles Herald, Sunday after next - Bachelor’s Edition. Front Page.)

Victoria. The one that got away. When she left I spiraled out of control. Two years of misery led me to write my Ad. Now she’s back and even as I go forward with my plan, my feelings for her haven’t diminished.

Secrets. Deception. Betrayal.

Can our relationship survive? Can we become the family I know we are meant to be? Or will our secrets ruin everything?

These books are told in dual pov, have plenty of heat, and the trope (aside from BDSM elements) is second chance romance.

The Devlin Black trilogy by Alaska AngeliniMy Rating - ★★★

Is it weird that I found this book freaking hilarious?!

Devlin's internal monologues about the women in his life were cracking me up.

I'm baffled by him though. If he's so set on Victoria, and such an alpha, why is he taking her no as final? Whatever happened to persistence?

He was a glorified, rich manwhore (what else is new) and kept making excuses and talking about changing. What changed?! I didn't blame Victoria for not wanting to get involved with him. It seemed like he was still pretty much a manwhore, but the rationale is that now he's looking to settle down and have a family. By putting an ad in the newspaper!!! He would be a hard man to trust.

However, that doesn't justify the secret she's been keeping from him. I can't wait to find out his reaction in book 2.

The Devlin Black trilogy by Alaska AngeliniMy Rating - ★★★★

This author has an amazing talent for twisting my mind!!

I was completely absorbed in the story, just waiting for Devlin's secret to be revealed.

There was never a dull moment.

Between his dating, their bonding as a family, the incredibly hot sexy times, and a bitter sub, there is so much to enjoy in this story.

Victoria was so badass at the end and I was cheering her on! Loved how she put his whoring and deceitful ass in check!

However, I adore Devlin so hopefully there is some extreme grovelling in the next book. I also hope the baby is okay :(

The Devlin Black trilogy by Alaska AngeliniMy Rating - ★★★★

I'm not going to wax poetic about the author's writing. Obviously it's splendid. This is strictly a reaction review.

For the first 40% or so, I wanted to throat punch Victoria. I wanted her to shut her mouth, shut her mind, just shut the flip up. She said some really hurtful and hateful things to Devlin and the fact that he took it and stayed should have given her (and everyone else) a clue that his intentions for her were honourable. In a short time, he had proven that he was a changed man. I felt bad that this Alpha was given such a subservient role all in the name of forgiveness. Especially for a betrayal that wasn't really a betrayal. Was what he did shady? Heck yeah. But he didn't cheat and that was her biggest fear. And if we're really going to point fingers, I believe her lie by omission was by far worse than his, with more lasting consequences if he hadn't found out the truth. I'm just glad she got her act together and had faith in their HEA, which they got. That epilogue was super sweet. Devlin cracks me up!

I still really loved Devlin. He was such a sweetheart and his POV was the best part of the book. Hands down!


  1. I haven't read this series. Honestly, I hadn't even heard of it until now. It's probably something I would have wanted to read after Fifty Shades.


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