Books That Didn't Make the Cut Pt.8

January 07, 2023

I'm back with three more books that just didn't work for me, but might be right up your alley. If you've read any of these or plan to, please think about letting me know what you thought in the comments below!

Queen of Diamonds by Natalie Bennett

Genre - Mafia Romance

His enemy. His partner. His whore.
His mind games. Her morals.

The road to hell...
Well, there is no road to hell.
I already live there.

I was forced to partake in a rigged game of seduction, manipulation, and murder.

Mateo Remmington is my formidable opponent.

He makes the devil look like a saint.

He’s immoral.
He's ruthless.
He's a goddamn king.

King of a clandestine empire who sits on a throne covered in innocents’ blood.

I’ve become his obsession.
He’s becoming my deadly addiction.

And if I make one wrong move he’ll end my life.

My Review: DNF

I couldn't get into this story. I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be dark or mysterious or whatever. I was lost before the story even really started. And now I'm sad because I have the entire series SIGNED on my bookshelves. I wish I could have dived in and loved it.

Ghosted by J.M. Darhower

Genre - Contemporary Second Chance Romance

He's a troubled young actor, Hollywood's newest heartthrob, struggling with fame as the star of the latest superhero franchise. Through scandal after scandal, addiction on top of addiction, a flurry of paparazzi hunt him as he fights to conquer his demons.

She's a single mother, assistant manager at a grocery store, existing in monotony with her five-year-old daughter. Every day when she goes to work, lurid tabloids surround her, the face of a notorious bad boy haunting her from their covers.

A man and a woman, living vastly different lives, but that wasn't always the case. Once, they were just a boy and a girl who bonded over comic books and fell in love unexpectedly.

When Kennedy Garfield met Jonathan Cunningham back in high school, she knew he had all the makings of a tragic hero. With stars in his eyes, and her heart on her sleeve, the pair ran away together to follow their dreams.

But dreams, sometimes, turn into nightmares.

Now, years later, the only thing they share is a daughter—one who has no idea her father plays her favorite superhero. But Jonathan is desperate to make amends, and at the top of his list is the woman who gave up everything for him and the little girl he hasn't yet met.

My Review: DNF

The heroine was so wrong. And while I couldn't really connect with Jonathan, the ways in which Kennedy had him jumping through hoops so he could connect with the daughter he didn't know he had... wrong! The secret baby trope is so hard to do well and this one didn't work for me.

Down On Me by J. Kenner

Genre - Contemporary Friends-to-Lovers Romance

Tight muscles. Vibrant Ink.
Meet Mr. January. Winter’s never looked so hot…

Certified bachelor Reece Walker wants two things — to save the local bar he manages and to get Jenna Montgomery into his bed.

He has a few ideas for the bar. But Jenna... well, he’s going to have to rely on cold showers, because she’s been his best friend for years, and that’s a line he just can’t cross.

Until one wild kiss on a dark night changes everything. Now Reece is certain Jenna’s meant to be his.

And with long nights in bed, sensual caresses, and deep, lingering kisses, he sets out to thoroughly convince her that friends can be lovers, too.

My Review: 2 stars

Overall, this was a decent story. I loved the friendship that Reece, Jenna and Brent shared. Best friends for life, they knew everything there was to know about each other and supported each other in all things. And that's where my problem lies. Jenna knew Reece. She knew his hangups. So why... why when they FINALLY get together... why did she try to change him? And not only change him, but give him an ultimatum to try to force him to change?

I stopped liking Jenna after that. All of her thoughts on how to sway Reece to her side made me physically ill. If you love someone, love them. No conditions. No doubts.


  1. oh yes thanks for letting me know that Ghosted is secret baby and not a good trope lol

  2. I've always wondered about Ghosted. Sounds like a tough read.

    1. It was for me, but there are so many 4 and 5 star reviews, so I think it was really just me :)


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