Author Spotlight: Ari Reavis

November 13, 2021

I've never done this before, but with the HUGE SALE Ari Reavis is having, I couldn't help but create a post to share the news!

So... what can I tell you about this author? She has to be one of the most underrated romance authors I've come across. I've read everything she's written. I mean EVER-Y-THANG and she never disappoints. Contemporary Romance? Nailed it. Fantasy? She crushed that too.

Her writing is beautiful. She creates stunning characters. And her intimate scenes... yeah, read those indoors lol.

And now she's got five books on sale. Five paperbacks and because I've already grabbed the two that I didn't already have, I'm giving you the chance to meet an author that may quickly become one of your favorites too!

Be My Light is ONLY $6.99 ~ on Amazon

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Ebony's been trying to pull herself out of the darkness for longer than she cares to admit, but each day only seems to bring her deeper. Music is her only escape from a life that revolves around her siblings and getting through the next day. Then a ray of light is shining through, making her see she might not be as alone as she thought.

Marcus has his own story to tell and Ebony’s the only one he wants to share it with. He’s been waiting for her to notice him, hoping for the chance to prove he’s worthy of her letting him in. Now that he has her attention, he's ready to show her just how beautiful a life with them together could be.

Opening up her world to Marcus might be the hardest thing Ebony has ever done, and when her past threatens to drag her back under again, will he remain at her side? Can Ebony overcome, what has always seemed like, insurmountable odds and find her way to the light?

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Just Fake It is ONLY $5.99 ~ on Amazon

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You are cordially invited to a wedding...

The date has been picked; the planning has begun. All that’s needed now is a groom. Angela never saw herself asking a complete stranger to marry her, but with her wedding drawing closer, she’s left with little choice. The arrangement is simple. Convince her parents they’re head over heels for each other, get married, and then go their separate ways. But she didn’t anticipate her heart having plans of its own.

Tristan thought he was meeting her for their first date, but ends up getting a marriage proposal instead. His past makes it easy to understand why Angela needs a fake fiancé. And how hard could it be to go along with her charade anyway? But his feelings never agreed to play by the rules. Neither of them considered what would happen when faking it stopped being enough. What do you do when you start falling for the person you’re marrying?

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Girl Meets Boys is ONLY $5.99 ~ on Amazon

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Girl meets boy, they fall in love, and live happily ever after. But what happens when, instead of meeting one boy, the girl meets two?

With Emily starting college, she figures it’s the perfect time to break out of her shell and have a new beginning. She doesn’t expect that in rewriting her story, it would include a love triangle.

First she meets Julian. She can’t help but notice his shirts with quotes on them, that match his quirky personality, his crooked smile and ruffled hair. He understands her in ways few others do. That’s what makes her afraid to let him get too close.

Then she meets Will. He’s from a different world, different crowd. When he goes out of his way to show her just how well she fits in his life, she finds herself getting swept up all too easily. Sometimes though, opposites really shouldn’t attract.

Girl meets boys and soon the choice isn’t which one of them is better, but who she’s better with.

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Unspoken is ONLY $7.99 ~ on Amazon

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The Unspoken One has been banished for many years, his very existence erased. Ameera must find his true name and summon him if she has any hope of saving her kingdom from war, and herself from marriage to a ruthless king.

The Kingdom of Nur has been suffering for years under Ameera’s father’s rule. She's bid her time, carefully keeping her secret hidden and waiting to become queen so she can repair what her father has broken. Then an unwanted marriage to the brutal king of Nur’s enemy threatens everything she’s worked towards.

With her wedding drawing near and the future of her kingdom in peril, she finds the forbidden name. She knows The Unspoken One is her last chance to save Nur, but she risks much in summoning him. His magic is not understood, the crime he was banished for is unknown, and speaking his name carries an unbearable punishment.

For Nur, for herself, she must risk it all. Or lose everything she holds dear.

She speaks the name too many have paid a painful price for uttering. Nothing, not the kingdom, their lives, or her heart, will ever be the same.

────── ♔ ──────

Imperfect is ONLY $5.99 ~ on Amazon

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When a guy saves you from a horrible blind date, you don’t expect to end up dating him.

Mariah’s confusion over why a man is pretending to know her quickly fades once she realizes the handsome stranger winking at her is trying to save her. If she leaves with him, what might this night turn into?

Damir knows he can’t watch the beautiful woman across the restaurant cringe one more time without stepping in to help her. He promises he would take her on a much better date than the one she just left, but will she give him the chance to prove it?

He's got a past that corrupt people refuse to allow him to forget. She's come too far to get wrapped back up in the hardships she's escaped.

Can such an imperfect beginning turn into exactly what they both need?

I hope you grab one of these today and that you fall in love with the talent that is Ari Reavis as much as I did!

xo, Natalie


  1. Wow. I can't thank you enough for this.

  2. I hadn't heard of this author before! Checking out her books now!

    1. Seriously, this author needs to stop being overlooked. I love her books!

  3. I have never heard of this author, but as she is your favorite, I will definitely check her out!! Thank you for highlighting her.

    1. She's one of those indie writers who really spoke to me. I can't even explain it :)


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