November 11, 2020

WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words.

The three W’s stand for:

What did you recently finish reading?
What are you currently reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Since last Wednesday, I got a bunch of bookmail and I still haven't gone through it all. I'll be doing a book haul post soon, once I receive the books I'm still waiting for. I hope you all have been having an amazing week!

What I've Read

Nobody Knows by Lani Lynn Vale - this was a much-anticipated read for me. The hero, Malachi, had already touched my heart in a previous book and I was thrilled to get his story.
King of the Causeway by T.M. Frazier - this novella had some of my most favorite people all together in one place. It was a funny and emotional read for me and I hope there's more in the future.

What I'm Reading

Wanted an outlaw anthology - there are 20 stories by 20 authors and they're all about anti-heroes. From MC Romance to dark romance to who knows what, these are stories that explore the fringes of society. Some I loved, some I liked, and some I DNF'd mad quick.

What I'll Read Next

I'm just keeping my options open. I'm loving this 'grab what I want when I want' book vibe I've got going on right now!

• ────── ✾ ────── •

What are you reading right now? Tell me below or leave me a link so I can check out your post.

Happy Reading!

xo, Natalie


  1. I do love being able to grab whatever I want, and I find that doing so improves my reading and my moods. Enjoy! Here's MY WWW POST

    1. It's really been working for me lately. I haven't read as much this year as I usually do, probably because of the quarantine blues, so being free like this helps.

  2. Wow! That's a big anthology! I hope you enjoy all the stories.

    1. Most of them are pretty good. I've only got about 4 left, so we'll see :) Thanks Deanna!

    2. Natalie, I am pleased to hear you are enjoying grabbing whatever book you want whenever you fancy it! Happy chilled, unplanned reading to you! 👋📚😃

      Here's my WWW post for this week: https://thebookwormchronicles.wordpress.com/2020/11/11/%f0%9f%93%9a-www-wednesday-11th-november-2020/ 🙂

  3. I've been wanting a grab when I want kind of book week, but I'm also a tad bit stressed about new releases. I hope you enjoy what you pick up next!

    1. I'm usually extremely stressed about new releases. I'm famous for one-clicking and then having them sit on my kindle forever. That's why I'm taking the time now to go through what's already on there (although I'm still one-clicking). My reading habits have become quite ridiculous :)


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