Unholy Union by Natasha Knight

August 17, 2020

Unholy Union by Natasha Knight
She doesn't yet understand there is no protection from me.

Unholy Union by Natasha Knight

Unholy Union by Natasha Knight

Circumstance put Cristina on my path.
Fate bound her to me.

Cristina and I share a common past.
A single night that changed the course of our lives.

She asked me if I was a monster the night I met her.
I am.

She’s about to learn I’m her monster.

Because the countdown that began eight years ago has ended. Her time is up.

On the stroke of midnight, she’s mine.

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Unholy Union is dark, terrifying and delicious! Natasha Knight wrote a truly creepy, chilling, spine-tingling story that swept me away to a realm of secrets, murder, and captivity.

Cristina was just a young girl who had suffered unbearable losses and was trying to find her way. At eighteen, she knows a few things: she's alone in the world aside from her uncle and her cousins; she's enjoying her first year of college; and she'll be receiving a box with eight dead roses for her birthday.

It's been eight years since the night that changed her life. Eight years of being alone, of dealing with her loss, of mourning the memories of those she loved. Her life isn't great, but she never could have expected how much worse it could get. How could she even imagine that the accident that changed her life would continue to change it years later?

Cristina isn't the only one who's had to deal with the fallout of that accident. Damian's family, or what's left of it, has been left in pieces and he was the only one who stuck around to build their empire back up to their former glory. Damian became a man to be feared. He's got soldiers at his disposal, but he loves to get his hands dirty. And when the time comes for him to claim Cristina, to set in motion the revenge his father is looking for, he doesn't hesitate.

I lived for every interaction between Cristina and Damian. Her with her immature reactions, unreasonable stubbornness, and unrealistic expectations. Him with his calm under pressure, his dominance, and utter sex appeal. A huge part of me was hoping the author would push this story a little harder. I wanted Cristina to get hurt. I wanted for one of the times she stupidly ran her mouth, thinking she could get one over on Damian, that he'd really show her who's boss. But alas, it wasn't meant to be. But Damian did find ways to put her in her place and it was insanely fun to witness. I know, I know, it shouldn't be fun, but the author did an incredible job of making it quite enjoyable for me. From the banter to the hot tension to the glimpses of heart I got from this dark hero, I was delighted and I'm on edge waiting for the next part of this duet.

USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance, Natasha Knight specializes in dark, tortured heroes. Happily-Ever-Afters are guaranteed, but she likes to put her characters through hell to get them there. She’s evil like that.

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  1. (Unholy Union is dark, terrifying and delicious!) Just those words has me wanting to one click!! Truly fabulous review Nat!!

    1. Thanks babe! 🖤
      I hope the next book has sex. I missed it so much 🤣🙈


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