August 12, 2019


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✩★ Rules Were Made to Be Broken ★✩
Lucien, King of Vampires, 3000+ years old, fearless and fearsome, gorgeous and sexy and valorous and honorable and intelligent and... I could go on here. But he's bored. Nothing is piquing his interest. Stuck in the middle of one of the most decadent of immortal orgies and he's just not into it. Then he meets a red haired, purple eyed beauty and his immortal life as he knew it has changed.

Phoebe is a witch on the run. After her parents were murdered 10 years ago, she's been on her own. She's had to depend on herself and keep herself safe. Her heart and her pride suffer a huge blow when her boyfriend steals her grimoires, which is punishable by death. She escaped certain death with an explosion of magic, killing many of the witches of the council and scrambling the memories of the survivors. So although no one can really recall what she looks like, she's still running for her life. Trust no one is rule numero uno and it's got her this far. But she's looking for her books and her hunt brings her right to Lucien.

Lucien takes a bounty for an unknown witch and thinks nothing else about it. Why? Because he can only think of Phoebe. She's his mate and he's dedicated to her. They can't resist each other and fall incredibly hard into love. But their love is fraught with mystery, secrets, and betrayal. While Lucien has Phoebe forgetting every rule she's held tight to in order to survive, she's got him acting like a lovesick fool. He's willing to lay his life on the line for her, proving that he is most definitely a man she can trust and rely on.

A witch with the power to disappear in a blink.
A vampire king with abandonment issues that span thousands of years.
What could possibly go wrong?

Uhm... yeah... everything!

Queen of Vampire Hearts was sexy and dangerous and magical! It had everything a paranormal romance lover would want - a fated couple, danger lurking around every corner, characters exhibiting their powers, sexy times, and love. For a debut book, Jeanette Rose easily won my devotion and I'm hooked. I'm so happy I got the chance to jump on this series from its start and I'm eagerly looking forward to whatever happens next.

I highly recommend this to readers who love magic, mystery, strong sexual chemistry, and romance!

✩★ Book Synopsis ★✩
Queen of Vampire Hearts
A Woman Fleeing Persecution…
Phoebe Atreus is a witch on the run, her carefully crafted rules have kept her alive for the last decade, each one a product of a hard learned lesson. Rule Number One? Trust No One. She’s been betrayed one time too many to put her faith in anyone else’s hands. Even if the legendary vampire king might be the one person who could protect her from the enemies always one step behind.

A Man Whose Abandonment Issues Span Thousands of Years…
Lucien Silvano has been king of the vampires for the last three thousand years, he’s fought in wars that have been reduced to legend, rescued damsels in distress, seduced said damsels, and moved on. Immortal life has become a never-ending battle against boredom. Nothing has truly stirred his interest in years, except her. She’s the exception to every rule, his Queen, his mate, the one-person Fate declared to be his. The problem? She wants nothing to do with him.

What could possibly go wrong?
Phoebe refuses to share her past with Lucien, pushing him away at every opportunity, yet unable to resist the chemistry that explodes whenever they are together. Forced back to his castle in Romania to live as his Queen, she starts to forget the rules that have kept her safe… until the secrets Lucien has been hiding remind her why she created them in the first place.

✩★ About Jeanette Rose ★✩
Long time lover of Paranormal Romance, decided when I couldn't find a book that I was interested online to write my own! It spiraled from there. My first book, Queen of Vampire Hearts, will be released on August 17, and the sequel, On A Fury's Wings, will likely be in early November, I have outlined for at least 14 books in the series, Fated Loves, with each novel functioning as a standalone installment.

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