July 29, 2019

Release - August 10, 2018
Genre - NA Dark Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 3.5
Format/Source - ebook copy provided by the author

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Finding Yourself in the Dark


Emmy has a darkness living inside of her, but she's been taught it's wrong and so she's learned to hide it, striving for normality. When her sister disappears, she follows her trail, leading her to the one place that will test her resolve. Will she hold onto what she's always known or will she unleash the beast and savor her first taste of freedom?

"I don't want to be whole anymore. I want you to see my pieces." - Emmy

There was one person who glittered harder than the rest... one character who stood out no matter who was also sharing the spotlight... Adam. This man wore darkness like a second skin. He lived in it, reveled in it, thrived in it. I could not get enough of this man, his motivations, his past, his ambitions, his thirst. He made me crave him and every glance he sent Emmy's way was MINE!! The author did an incredible job of detailing and personalizing the connection between these characters and getting me to sense the live wire feels of their relationship.

Somewhere along the way, she weaved herself so deeply into my veins I can't fucking inhale without her breathing life into me. - Adam

There's a reason why I don't really like new adult romances... I tend to hate the heroines. They're usually illogical and suffer from false delusions of their capabilities. Emmy was no exception. She had no real world experience yet thought she'd make a master sleuth, getting by MEN who've been around for awhile. She suffered questionable morals and her reasoning for her actions didn't quell my anger. However, while she was quite irksome, the author made her admirable. So what if I didn't like her? She was part of one heck of a strong and compelling story. Besides, I had Adam to hold me down. I was good to go. Honestly, it's the author's writing that sold me on this story and I will read whatever she writes in the future. I don't know what truly happened to the other side characters and I wonder if they'll pop up some time? I'll definitely be staying tuned!


“One bronze, oval button. One push. One ding, one dong.
And it will all be real.”

I never thought it would be easy. And, yet, nothing could have prepared me for this.
For them.
For him.
The second the black walls of the Matthews House swallow me whole, I know it’s a dangerous game I’m playing. One that threatens to consume me. Taunt me. Cut, burn, and bleed me dry.
Until there’s nothing left to take.

In the end, I will find the dark in a way I never expected.
In the end . . . I will question everything.


“Ash and dust. Death and murder. When you have no soul, there’s no fear of losing it. And without fear . . . you’re limitless.”

She’s supposed to be a pawn.
A gift.
Some kind of fucked up way to screw with my head.
Another doll, another day.

But no one, not even my brothers, know the secrets of my past. None of us could know what the girl’s presence here really means.
For them.
For her.
Or what secrets of her own she has buried deep behind those deceptively innocent eyes.

But no secret stays buried forever.
And not even I can pull the strings when we’re dancing in the dark.

*PLEASE BE ADVISED: this book contains triggers. Dark themes, characters with questionable morals, questionable sexual situations, violence, murder, abuse (including minors), sex, and profanity.

About the Author
Residing in Southern California, T.L. Martin is the author of the standalones DANCING IN THE DARK (dark romance) and TOUCHED BY DEATH (paranormal romance).

She’s currently working on releasing two more books in 2019, including the upcoming NA contemporary romance, BLUE SKIES.

A stay-at-home mother to three children, T.L. Martin spends her days tripping over Legos, pretending she can cook, and collecting food stains on her clothes. As glamorous a life it is, it’s the wee hours of the night she dedicates to writing.

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