June 13, 2019

A dark erotic retelling of the story of Persephone and Hades.

Summer Maiden: Persephone's Fall by Eva Darcy
Someday, Kore will become Persephone, Dread Queen of the Underworld. For today, she is a summer maiden, coming into the ripe flower of her womanhood, innocently flirting with lighthearted gods like Apollo and Hermes, and exploring her new powers of seduction. But a darker god has his eyes on the beautiful young goddess, and his desires are far from innocent.

This BDSM-flavored novella reimagines the classic Greek myth exactly as it is traditionally told—with her famed abduction and rape—but it isn't the tale you think you know.

Instead it turns the myth around, illuminating the forbidden desires and conflicted loyalties that may have really driven that tragic story, and turning it into one of seduction, power and—ultimately—love.

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Release - September 11, 2017
Genre - Erotic Retelling
Heroine POV - 1st person
Heat - 4 out of 5
Format - ebook provided by the author
Length - 80 pages

Three Sides to a Story


I love retellings and I love mythology, so enjoying Summer Maiden was a no-brainer. I've always believed that each story has three sides - one side, the other side, and the truth. So I liked that the author wanted to tackle the "truth" behind the story of what happened between Persephone and Aidon (Hades). There are so many theories out there and since I was a kid, I've encountered plenty of parables based on this story, but none quite like this.

Eva Darcy gave us a story about a young woman who lacked self-awareness, sheltered by an overprotective mother, and casually thrust into a game of keep away. Persephone was naive, silly, spoiled, and desperate to please. She put herself in situations with men without understanding or finding out the sincerity of their motives. I loved how Aidon called her out on it!

"... what makes you think I have any interest in a young slut of a girl? And an unskilled one at that?"

Being the ruler of Hell, Aidon was darkness personified and Persephone was irresistibly drawn to him. But he believed a daughter of the sun had no place in the dark. She couldn't possibly desire his proclivities, could she? After being commanded by Zeus himself to take her as his own, Aidon shows her exactly who he is. BDSM-lite moments take flight and Persephone learns to find herself. Can love bloom without light?

About the Author
I am a writer of erotica with a grad degree in history, who used to teach Western Civ. (I may have secretly spent too much time teaching time dreaming about the stories behind the ancient stories...)

I began with Persephone because her myth has always resonated so strongly with me. When I saw Bernini's "Rape of Proserpina" statue in the Borghese Gallery in Rome, I knew I had to write her story.

I intend to tell more stories in this world I've built, so expect more cross-over characters in other (stand-alone) BDSM-flavoured romance novellas.

Next up? Apollo and Daphne.

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