ARC Review of Greed by Amo Jones

April 01, 2019

I was born into a world of darkness—one that never touched me when I was around my brother, Mason Blackwell. Leader of The Elite Seven. The thing about darkness, though, is it’s persistent. Eventually, it pushes itself into my life, penetrating my soul and leaving its stench latched to every vein, rooted inside every bone, and sunken into every pore. I thought I reached rock bottom when I fell in love with my brother’s best friend. My very own brand of drug with no comedown. My own nightmare I never woke from. But I was wrong. So very wrong. When I returned to New Orleans, I arrived as a shell of the girl they once knew. Put on a smile. Be the sweet innocent girl they remember.

I’m Evie Blackwell, hostage to my demons. Can the damned be saved?

I’ve done some unforgivable acts in my years, but I never asked for forgiveness. Nothing beats the feeling of wrapping my hand around someone’s throat and watching as their life bleeds down their cheeks. She was everything I should have stayed away from. The first night I saw her, I knew I was doomed—a slave to the girl with the pretty eyes and soft smile. The girl who turned out to be my best friend's baby sister. I couldn’t stay away. I had to be near her, even if it meant ruining her in the process. I wanted to wreck her, so I could piece her back together—a puzzle only I knew how to solve.

I’m Micah Dixon.
I come for everything and get everything I come for—and I want all of her. But she’s changed, and so have I.
I’m much, much worse now…

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Release: April 8, 2019
Genre: Thriller?
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat: Descriptive?
Type: Standalone - The Elite Seven #5
Length: 70 pages
Format: eARC provided by the author



2.5 "Gone off the rails" stars!

Micah is Greed. He wants it all and he lets nothing and no one stand in the way of what he wants. Not even the girl he's supposed to love. Actually, especially not her. He seems to not understand the concept of loyalty and moves more like an impudent child then a new adult. Maybe I'm just so far removed from my university days that I don't remember people acting like this. Who knows? And really, who freaking cares? These rich boys have no care for consequences and The Elite seems to be the end all to be all. Micah is determined to carry out his task, regardless of the suffering he knows is sure to come.

And while this book may be titled Greed and Micah does get his time in there, this was most definitely Evie's story. I'm not sure why she was featured so prominently. It wasn't a romance and her connection to Micah seemed more thrown together than authentic. A whole lot was going on that had nothing to do with the guys except in a very superficial way. Like finding the crumb of a link just so we can say this book belongs to the series. I don't get it.

And let's not leave out the majorly glaring point that made this story extremely hard to read. EXTREMELY HARD!! So hard, I wanted to quit. My stomach turned, I hated everyone, and the ending came and NOTHING was fixed. Not for me.

Do. Not. Say. I. Love. You... and then go sleep with someone else the very next night. Right after tonguing her down in front of me. Right after dry humping her. After giving me the best sex of my life, after I've been traumatized for two years, and you tell me you love me, you do that? And then only mention the pain you give in passing. And then fix NOTHING!! What the ever loving friggin hell?! And then this chick didn't immediately fall on the dick, but she might as well have. C'mon, you can see it happening, right?

So in conclusion, love the author long time... but this book joins the others that just plain old missed the mark the first two books of the series put down. Where is this story going? Why have these characters gone off the deep end? This series is circling the drain and I'm holding out hope that Webster can revive this shit.

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