Review: I Will Always Find You by Willow Sanders

February 16, 2019

I Will Always Find You by Willow Sanders
Release: March 13, 2018
Genre: Romantic Suspense - feds
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat: Descriptive
Type: Book 1 of a duet
Format: eARC provided through NetGalley

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I Will
Cammie Saint isn’t a victim. Sure, she’s had a string of bad luck, the apartment break in then the attack in the parking lot. Sometimes life hands you lemons. Why is everyone so interested in her case? Even the new neighbor is sniffing around for clues. There are things she wants from the neighborhood Officer Hottie, but an interrogation wasn’t what she was thinking of.

That’s Special Agent Vaughn, DEA. Of all the places he thought he’d be, Kansas City wasn’t one of them. Chasing Jefe for the last seven years had expelled the last bit of tolerance he had for chasing down bad guys. To say he was ready to put this case to bed would be like calling World War 2 a minor disagreement amongst countries. Jefe had taken too much from him. Time, and other things he didn’t want to get into. He just needed to keep his eyes on the ball and definitely NOT on his new neighbor with an ass for days and a sad story.

Find You
Why is the Jefe cartel in Kansas City? A Colombian drug ring in Anywhere, USA? While Agent Vaughn searches for answers, Cammie finds herself thrown into a world she never expected. How will secrets from her past, compromise her future? What happens when someone who never wanted to be found, is discovered?

I Will Always Find You is part one of a two-part series. Fair warning, it ends on a cliffhanger.

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My Review


I love when a new-to-me author can capture my attention quickly with their writing. Willow Sanders set the stage for the face-off to come between the feds and the cartel. I expected a lot more suspense to be involved, but maybe that will follow in the next book.

Cammie Saint is just a regular girl working at a job full of perks and living an ordinary life. After moving from place to place as a little girl, she's finally putting down roots. She doesn't have many friends and she has no family. So why was she attacked?

Agent Benjamin Vaughn has been hunting down Jefe for seven years. Radio chatter leads him to Kansas City and moving in right next door to a recent vicious assault victim. There's just something about Cammie that spoke to him, making him act out of character, wanting to protect her and ravish her at the same time. What does Cammie have to do with his case?

The writing wasn't as fluid as I would have liked, but it was easy to be entertained by this story. I found myself putting the clues together myself, wondering when everyone else would catch on. With the way everything unfolded and with the shock at the end, I'm looking forward to how this story will conclude in Found.

About The Author
Most of these are always written in third person, as if the author isn't the one actually writing them. So, I'm going to be a rule-breaker and write it in first person instead. I'm a native Chicagoan, vegetarian, and lover of big words. I randomly burst out into song, and have been known to carry on entire conversations (with those worthy of the challenge) in song lyrics. The same can also be said for movie quotes. I'm quirky, sarcastic, I've been told at times I can be a bit esoteric, but overall I'd rather be dancing in the rain than waiting for the storm to pass.


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