Review: Devious Heart by Crimson Syn

February 12, 2019

Devious Heart by Crimson Syn
Release: February 12, 2019
Genre: Dark Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat: explicit & frequent
Type: Standalone
Length: 88 pages
Publisher: Syn Inc LLC - Indie
Format: eARC provided by the author

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One Night.
That’s all it took for Lilith’s world to be destroyed.
Ever since, living life has become a soulless, mind-numbing task.
That is until she meets a dark, handsome, mysterious stranger.
Adrien’s the only man she’s spoken to, much less connected to, in months.
The only one who seems to care enough to notice her through the walls she’s built.
But learning how to trust again, especially with a man she’s barely spoken to, is a battle.
Falling in love with him, a war.
Because Adrien also holds a dark, terrible secret--one that could destroy every hard-fought step Lilith has taken since that night.
And though kindred spirits may drift towards one another, there’s no telling how explosive this truth may be.
With a secret that could shatter them both, it might take more than love to set them free.
Then again.
Some secrets are best kept hidden.

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My Review


You got me, Crimson Syn! You got me good. For anyone who picks this book up, I highly suggest going in blind. It's dark and twisted and will keep you guessing until the end. Lilith attracts almost obsessive attention and she likes it. She doesn't want to but she just can't help herself. Then there's Adrien, who wants to give her everything she needs and even things she doesn't know she needs. This story is sexy and intense and not to be missed.

About The Author
Crimson Syn is a new erotica author. She delves into those hot and heavy stories where her characters are pushed to their sexual limits. Her wicked pen dips into every little niche, even if it’s wrong and kinky. Vanilla, BDSM, BBW and that twisted taboo is what she wants to make you crave.
Her Hellbound Lovers MC series is her first attempt at a bad boy biker series. If you're looking for sweet and innocent, you'll find it, but not in that wholesome way you're used to. No. Miss Syn delivers sex at its best, and the more innocent you are the more her alpha males will attempt to defile you.
Miss Syn is passionate about her family, her friends and her writing. Where she travels is her next setting, and her fantasies and dreams are her inspiration. She writes her alpha males tough and rough, and she expects for her female leads to be independent, bright women with lots of sexy curves.

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