ARC Review: DICK MAGNET by Ruby Rowe

October 22, 2018

Dick Magnet by Ruby Rowe
I’ve loved Chloe for as long as I can remember, and I’ve watched her ignore that love for just as long.
She’s a dick magnet, engaging in meaningless sex with men who chase after her, but it’s only to avoid what she knows is true.
Her heart belongs to me.
It’s time to put an end to the bullshit and find out what happened to make her fight me all these years.
It’s time to take Chloe off the market.

Ben owns my heart.
I’ve known it for as long as I can remember, but something happened when we were sixteen that made it impossible for us to be together.
Ever since, I’ve used alcohol and meaningless sex to fill the void of his love.
Ben’s determined to make me admit my feelings for him, but he doesn’t know the shocking secret.
To protect his heart, I have to keep it that way.
I’ll sacrifice my happiness, and one day, he’ll find someone new to love.

This story is a standalone, but if you’d like to learn a little backstory on some of the characters, read Summer Trouble and Peer Review first, previous Ruby Romp Novellas.
Dick Magnet is a Ruby Romp Novella, meaning it contains insta-lust, along with an abundance of dirty talk and graphic sex. It can typically be enjoyed in one reading, so get ready for a fast-paced “get your panties wet” ride.

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I went into this thinking it would be an instalove smutfest. It wasn't. More time was spent on Chloe with other men and deliberately hurting Ben than anything else. There was no denying the affection these two shared for one another, growing up together and falling for each other, but Chloe wouldn't allow things to play out as they should. Why? Because she knew a secret that she thought would devastate Ben and rather than accept that he was a grown man and could come to his own conclusions, make his own decisions, she thought it would be wise to keep him in the dark and break his heart.

I didn't like Chloe at all. Poor Ben was made to look like a fool, almost accepting that his wants, needs and desires would remain unrequited. And when they finally did get together, the girl who hurt him the most did it again. It was all so unnecessary. The angst was tedious and annoying. I wanted Ben to listen to his best friend Nick and move on. Let her go and find someone else to share some happiness with. This girl didn't deserve all of his goodness. She barely warranted his friendship. If you're looking for a light and sexy read, you won't find it here.

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