Review: STAR CROSSED by Heather Stone

October 18, 2018

Star Crossed by Heather Stone
Sorority Secrets: The virgins of Beta Kappa Nu would do anything for each other. Even auction off their most valuable asset…

Graduate high school early? Check.

Valedictorian? Check.

Voice of reason? Um…

Caroline Littrell might be the baby of Beta Kappa Nu, but she’s also the brains. When her sisters concoct the ridiculous idea to auction off their virginity for charity, she’s adamantly against it…a promise is a promise, but quiet, Ÿbersmart Caroline has a backup plan.

All she has to do is track down Mathewson Jameson—campus legend, local rock god, total jerk—and convince him to play a charity concert for them instead.

The problem? Mathewson isn’t quite the jerk Caroline imagined. In fact, he’s quite the opposite: patient, giving, gentle. And the only one she wants to be with, first time or forever…

This book is approximately 16,000 words

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This story was super cute. I didn't love the h but I more than enjoyed the banter between her and Matt. I liked how much she wanted to help her soror sisters and how determined she was NOT to enter the auction. Matt was definitely the star of this little story. Then again, rock stars usually are. But I loved how humble the author made him. He was really sweet and made this story into a great treat!

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