ARC Review: THE WRONG GIRL by M. Piper

September 16, 2018

The Wrong Girl by M Piper
She’s been off limits my entire life. The first girl I had feelings for and the only girl I promised never to touch.
Finley Reeves.
She’s my best friend’s sister.
I shouldn’t want her. But I do and I have forever.
She’s strong willed. Stubborn. Smart. And hella sexy.
So when the opportunity for us to finally rekindle what we started years ago comes up, I snag it and don’t look back. Second chances don’t happen that often, right? And I royally screwed that first chance, so I’m bound to make this right.
It’s not hard to win over a girl that’s pined after you since she was old enough to like boys. It’s no problem accepting her into my life.
What’s so bad about it, then?
Her sister.
She’s confused. Lonely. Desperate.
So when she shows up claiming her feelings for me go beyond best friends, I panic the secret me and Finley are hiding will come out before we’re ready for it to. And if that’s not enough to throw a wrench in our plans, how about a trip to Vegas where the old saying ‘What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas’ doesn’t count when it’s an accidental marriage license.
To the wrong girl.

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My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I'm a sucker for best friends little sister romances and Levi and Finley's story fit the bill. It had a forbidden and naughty feel to it that made it perfect for this trope. I think the drama with Finley's sister was to be expected and I was left wondering why no one else suspected that she had feelings for Levi. It was pretty obvious to me.

I did find some inconsistencies that kinda threw me off.
★ There was a 5 year time jump. However, before the leap Finley was almost 22 and after she was 25.
★ Finley's monologue states that her sister is a hot shot lawyer with a boyfriend she's been going out with for a year or so, but in their next conversation (a page later), they're talking about her sister's single life and how she should give one of the guys a chance.

The characters weren't always likeable, but I think that had a lot to do with their situation and the sneaking around. Virtually no angst and not too much drama to be found made this a sweet and easy story to enjoy.

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