ARC Review: IGNITE: 4 (BOLT SAGA) by Angel Payne

June 23, 2018

Ignite 4 by Angel Payne
Can love ignite a soul darkened by vengeance?

Life is beyond different as the girlfriend of a retired superhero, but to Emmalina Crist, the reward of loving Reece Richards is worth the cost. But when she comes across proof that Reece has been hiding a significant secret from her, their relationship is irrevocably rocked.
Reece might have hung up his crime-fighting leathers, but he’s continued dancing with danger by working covertly with ex-FBI hotshot Sawyer Foley to learn more about the Consortium—and how they can beat the sadistic scientists at their own game. While Reece denies revenge as his motivation for the hunt, he’s forced to reexamine his motivations when Sawyer brings a questionable ally into their inner circle—and a distraught Emma finds out.
Now, Reece has never been closer to unveiling the Consortium—but at what cost? His honor? His life? And what about the woman who has helped him redefine both? Is he willing to let Emma go in the name of vengeance? Or will their love be the light his soul truly needs?

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Every time I start another part of the Bolt Saga, I get so anxious because I’m always waiting for the next shoe to drop. Will Reece finally get justice for what was done to him? Or will he fall victim to torture once again? It’s like watching a scary movie - hiding behind your hands but you really can’t look away.

Then again, reading this saga has been entirely too entertaining for words. It needs to be a movie so I can watch my baby Reece kick some criminal buttocks! Man, he’s so hot.

I’m so in love with Reece Richards and although he has ‘retired’ his Bolt persona, I’m constantly terrified that The Consortium will snatch him away from us. How would I live without him? How could I go on? He’s just so freaking scrumptious. I have no idea when he and Emma will finally get to ride off safely into the sunset together, but I’m loving every moment of this ride. Well, except for when Emma’s age is showing. Who tries to get closer to the love of their life by putting physical distance between them? NOBODY!! Well, except for Emma. It’s not enough that Reece has become a totally different man and has more than proven his devotion to her, nope, he’s got to suffer from separation anxiety too. WTH?! What have you done for him lately? Ooooh Emma, you better smarten up honey child. There are women like me who will scoop up his deliciousness before you can blink.

She’s so silly.

O.K. I hope by now I’ve tempted you with enough information to have already added this series to your reading list. Matter of fact, books 1-4 are live now, so get to one-clicking! I’m off to read book 5!!

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Release: 06.19.2018 | Genre: Erotic Superhero Romance | Dual POV - 1st person | Heat: 4.5 | Ignite: 4 - Bolt Saga #4 | Publisher: Waterhouse Press

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