ARC Review: Cocksure by K.I. Lynn & Olivia Kelley

January 05, 2018

A life altering lie, ten years, and one wild night later, the game has changed.


My life is great. I love my job, have awesome friends, and a great family.
Women love me, even if they know it’s just for a night.
I always thought love at first sight was bullshit. Then she came storming into my life. She tore through my every rule, rocked my world, and knocked me on my ass.
There’s only one problem...she lied.
Turns out my best friend’s little sister isn’t so little anymore.


I stole a night with my fantasy.
After ten years of not seeing each other, Niko doesn’t even recognize me.
So I take what I want from him, what I need from him. Without worry. Without consequence.
What I didn’t count on was the lingering need for him.
Once the truth is out, the game changes. There are consequences.
I should have known nothing in my life is ever simple.
My brother is going to kill his best friend and I have nine months to figure out what I want.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Tell me that you aren’t drooling over that cover too. Heh heh heh!!

That’s before I even cracked the book. Then I met Niko. Ooh baby!! Niko was EVER-Y-THANG!! This man was the quintessential manwhore. The kind you have to love because he’s all honest and stuff. He may not remember your name in the next five minutes, but he’s respectful and ish.

But then he’s cracked upside the head when he meets a mysterious woman with whom he shares an electrical connection. I’m talking sparks people!! And after a hot night of the best sex of his life, he wakes up to a post-it on his crotch. Never has he been ditched and he hasn’t a clue what to do about it. He can’t get this mystery woman off of his mind. His best friend keeps making fun of him and has brought the other guys from the firehouse in on the joke. Come to find out the woman he’s pining for is none other than his BFF’s kid sister. The one woman with the biggest sign of DO NOT TOUCH out there. And now it’s too late because he has no intention of stopping.

Well not quite. Everly has trust issues because her ex was not only a jerk, but a liar and a cheat. So Niko’s got his work cut out for him. Not only does he have to find imaginative ways to conquer her defenses, he’s got to make sure to stay true to the brotherhood he shares with his best friend. Hard to do when everything’s done in secret, but sacrifices must be made in the pursuit of true love. Lots of hot sex, drama and complications later, this story ended up with a pretty sweet happy for now.

Niko. I’m still stuck on this man. That cover definitely doesn’t help. I think I’m going to blow up a copy of this cover and hang it up on my wall. Don’t judge. Seriously, this book is sexy, fun, and these characters light up the pages. If nothing else, I know you’re damn curious about my obsession with Niko. Read the book and find out why he’s now on my list of fave book boyfriends!!

Expected Release Date: January 8, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance - Brother’s Best Friend
POV: Dual - 1st person
Heat: 4 out of 5
Series/Standalone: Standalone - Book #1 of the Cocksure series

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