Review: Bad Intern by Luke Mason

August 19, 2017

Bad Intern by Luke Mason
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Release - November 1, 2016
Genre - Smut
Length - 63 pages

"Booze, sex, and revenge served hot and sticky."

Intern Jen wants a man with money, looks, and money (in that order).

Through the careful application of brains, beauty, and determination, Jen hatches a plan to bring the handsome VP, Brett, to heel.

But the best laid plans never survive sight of the enemy, and Jen has plenty of those—the most dangerous one, herself. When an epic sex romp with a fellow intern threatens her chances with VP Brett, Jen must choose between blind ambition and the precarious state of her humanity.

Bad Intern? Sure. Bad person? Only YOU can decide. Either way, business casual will never be the same.

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What I liked about this book? It was short. I'm not sure how much more I was willing to tolerate. I almost DNF'd and I absolutely hate to do that. So why did I continue? Because the author's writing wasn't what turned me off. Somehow he created a heroine that I couldn't stomach. Someone who made me think of death and destruction. Someone who put me in a negative state. And yet he made the story compelling somehow. It's smut. If you go in with low expectations, you should be fine.

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