Review: Right to Silence by Lily Luchesi

January 16, 2017

Right to Silence by Lily Luchesi
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Paranormal Detectives #4
Release - January 17, 2017
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Multiple POV - 3rd person
Heat - none
Length - 283 pages

The truth can be deadly.
In the first of this two-part novel, we learn the history of hunters Brighton Sands and Mark Evans in their two lifetimes, culminating in their final battle with the insane vampire they have been hunting for centuries.
In the second part, with Angelica Cross still on the run, multiple vampiric murders lead to the kidnapping of a famous vamp. Detective Danny Mancini must drag a mortal into the bowels of Hell in order to rescue her.
But why does Leander Price want her so badly, and what does she have to do with an ancient vampire prophecy?

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I gotta say, this story started off with a bang! There are a rash of murders in the community and all clues lead to "monsters". Flashing between the past and present, this story is told in two parts and the readers are introduced to the hunters and the hunted. There are werewolves, vampires, Psis, etc. and some vampires are holding grudges that have lasted centuries. Even through a hunter's reincarnation, which is another story entirely. There's plenty of blood, gore, mystery and suspense to whet most appetites. There's also love. Love so deep that it survives death.

For me, it was hard to connect with this story. I'm unsure if it's because A) the time jumps, B) the number of plots going on simultaneously, or C) the fact that I hadn't read the previous books of the series. I'm leaning closer to option C. While it was entertaining, I found it difficult to sit back and enjoy it because many of the references made were lost on me.

This story is dark and depraved. Macabre would probably be a better descriptor. However, the love that permeated the plot was undeniable.

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