Review: Out of Love by RC Boldt

January 05, 2017

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Standalone - Out of #1
Release: December 6, 2016
Length: 322 pages

Foster Kavanaugh, former Navy SEAL, knows what it’s like to be the top dog, the man in charge, the one calling the shots. Now that he’s running his own security consulting firm, not much has changed.

Except the curvy blonde he hired as his office manager.
Noelle Davis has been through the damn ringer. Swearing off men after escaping a toxic relationship, she’s grateful for a fresh start—new job included. Except her job isn’t tranquil and calm. In fact, it’s quite the opposite because her boss is the most infuriating man on the planet.

And, not to mention, sexy as hell.
Foster has limits. Rules. No attachments allowed because he doesn’t do love—and Noelle Davis foiled that plan and took a red pen to his list of rules. With her smart mouth and quick witted banter, he found the woman beginning to creep past his defenses.

When circumstances put Noelle in a perilous position, the first person to come to her rescue is none other than Foster Kavanaugh. She gets to see the man in action—not as her aggravating boss, but the man who will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

The same man who makes her want to reconsider her self-imposed embargo of men.

The man she wants to get to know now that she’s seen another side of him.

The man who makes her want…more.

But is more possible when you're OUT OF LOVE?

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Damn, but this story was sweet. This may have been the first time I tried something from R.C. Boldt, but it definitely won't be the last (looking forward to Clam Jam chica!). This book had a certain charm to it. It was heartwarming and a bit sappy. It was funny with plenty of snark, witty banter, and traces of self-mockery. It was also sexy as hell!!

This story was about Foster and Noelle. Foster was a former SEAL, who started his own security business with some of his military buddies. Noelle was the office manager. They wanted each other from the moment they met, but chose to resist the pull. Everyone was trying to push them together because their desire was THAT apparent, but without success. Until one day they kiss, which lit the spark and a scorching affair began. As their relationship developed, Foster was hesitant to stake his claim. He suffered from PTSD and believed himself unworthy and undeserving of Noelle. What happens when the love of a good woman doesn't seem to be enough?

There were tons of laughs (thanks Kane and Lawson), a bit of suspense, a lot of sexy times, and many examples of love. I am left wondering... What really happened to Hendy and will this be covered in a future book?

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