Review: Between Here and the Horizon by Callie Hart

January 03, 2017

Between Here and the Horizon by Callie Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Release: October 18, 2016
Length: 270 pages

“You think you know me. You think you want to know me. But trust me, Miss Lang. Pursuing me will be the worst mistake you ever make. I’m broken beyond repair...

...and I take great pleasure in breaking everyone else around me.”

Ophelia Lang needs money, and she needs it bad. Her parent’s restaurant is going under, and ever since she lost her job teaching third grade elementary, scraping enough cash together to pay the bills has proven almost impossible. Her parents are on the brink of losing their home. The vultures are circling overhead. So when Ophelia is offered an interview for a well-paid private tutoring gig in New York, how can she possibly say no?

Ronan Fletcher is far from the overweight, balding businessman Ophelia expected him to be. He’s young, handsome, and wealthy beyond all reason. He’s also perhaps the coldest, rudest person she’s ever met, and has a mean streak in him a mile and a half wide. A hundred grand is a lot of money, however, and if tolerating his frosty temperament, his erratic mood swings and whatever else he throws at her means she’ll get paid, then that is what Ophelia will do.

Her new boss is keeping secrets, though. Awful, terrible secrets.

The ghosts of Ronan Fletcher’s past are about to turn Ophelia’s future upside down, and she can’t even see it coming.

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My Review

I must admit that when I started reading this book, I didn't start off with a very high opinion of Ophelia. At first, she came off as condescending, irrational, defensive and judgmental. It could be me, but the part where she met Ronan didn't give me a negative vibe. Only she did. It didn't seem enough to warrant her reaction or her attitude. Then BAM!! Unexpected circumstances and drama commences and although my feelings for her didn't immediately change, my interest in the story grew astronomically.

Please Note: I've read plenty of Callie Hart's books but this was my first time trying her contemporary work. So please take everything I say with a grain of salt. Read the book and form your own opinion. I didn't know what to expect other than greatness because I absolutely fell in love with her writing when I read her Blood and Roses series. I'm still a huge ho for Zeth!

"He was a man possessed. I was a woman lost. Together, we were two halves of something fragile and delicate, beautiful in its complexity."

That quote pretty much sums up the relationship that developed between Ophelia and Sully (Ronan's brother). It started off rough. Sully had a lot of residual anger and came off as brusque, cold and rude. A real jerk to be honest. But you could tell that it was all a front to keep people at a distance. Thankfully, once Ophelia got a glimpse past his mask she refused to back down or give him up or give up on him.

So although this was a departure from what I've come to expect from Callie Hart, it was no less worthy of high praise!

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