Review: Reconcilable Differences by M.A. Clarke Scott

Reconcilable Differences Reconcilable Differences by M.A. Clarke Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The setting is 1997 and truth be told, this story actually read like it was written in the 90s. From the movie references to the ways of thinking, it felt like I was in a time warp.

Kate was a successful mediator. She worked with couples who are contemplating or have filed for divorce. The story also centers around the couple she was currently working on, D'arcy and Eli. D'arcy's lawyer was a formidable shrew named Sharon, who at some point added the drama to this story. The "shock" was that Eli's lawyer was none other than Kate's greatest love, Simon. During it all, Kate and Simon renew their acquaintance and eventually fall in love (or in Kate's case, kept on loving).
As wonderfully written as this story was, I did have a huge problem with Kate. She was crazy. Like needs a therapist or two or five kinda crazy. She was literally all over the place and as the story was told entirely from her POV, there were many times that I had to put this book down to save my own sanity. I honestly felt like I was the one going nuts. She was 34 and completely delusional, irrational, immature and naive. She absolutely reeked of desperation and the way she acted at times was a bit pathetic. I kept waiting for someone to call her out on her nonsense. The one time her BFF did confront her (with passive-aggressiveness), Kate brushed it off because said friend's love life was nothing to write home about. But I was wondering where her family was? Why was her family allowing her to run wild with her lunacy? She convinced herself of so many things that weren't even reality! Anyway, she lacked any real support, which sucked.

All in all, a good 3.5 star read and a cute HFN.

Copy given in exchange for my honest review

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