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Review: F*CKER by Amo Jones

F*CKER F*CKER by Amo Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've been keeping tabs on this author since her first book and her work is like fine wine: it only gets better with time. I was remarkably impressed with this book.

It's the story of Bryleigh and Ryker and the kind of love that could make or break you.

"I knew I consumed him as much as he consumed me, and as much as I knew he was still a f*cker, he was my f*cker that I got to f*ck with for the rest of my life."

Their love was sweet, hot, ugly, cruel, insane, obsessive and possessive. It was also raw and honest, gritty and real. They were both rash... impetuous... impulsive... all words meaning the same thing because these two were freaking reckless. But that's just who they were and you couldn't help but like them and cheer for them.

"I was empty. I needed, still need, you to fill me. You're a part of me, Bryleigh. You've always been a part of me, and when you left, you took my heart with you."

Don't get me wrong. There were many cringe-worthy moments and times when I was yelling "wtf" at this couple. But it all added to make this a good story and I never once doubted their connection or the sincerity of their emotions. Not even time, distance or other people could diminish or kill their love.

"This kiss wasn't hard or fired by lust. This was a kiss of heartbreak, a kiss of not goodbye, but see you later."

While there were some discrepancies and parts that frustrated the heck out of me, they weren't enough to deter me from enjoying this story.

If you've read other books from Amo Jones, then you'll be reunited with her other characters and their stories. If not, this can act as a mild introduction and may spark your interest and hopefully you'll go and read her other books. Regardless, this book was great and I'd definitely read more from this author.

Copy provided by author in exchange for my honest review

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