Books That Didn't Make the Cut Pt.21

March 12, 2024

Hello hello! I'm back with some more books that didn't really work for me, but might be winners for you.

Let me know if you've read any of these or plan to. I'd love to know your thoughts :)

Finding Gray by K.L. Kreig

Contemporary, dual pov

Cocksure. Suave. Untouchable.

Gray Colloway is the very definition of these. He’s also sweet, drop dead gorgeous, and relentless in his pursuit of me. But I don’t let people in my inner bubble. That only leads to heartbreak. After I turn down his initial proposition for a date, he shows up where I work day after day until he finally wears me down and I give. I want to let him in. I do, but will Gray be able to truly break down barriers it took others a lifetime to shape?

Livia Kingsley is the entire sexy package. Outside of swimming curves and that angel’s face, she’s smart as hell, witty, and all fucking mine. I knew it the moment I laid eyes on her. Her resistance to give me a chance is cute and weak. And straight up futile. The harder she pushes me away, the harder I push back. But she gives in and our chemistry is off the charts hot, just as I knew it would be. And three years later when she agrees to be my wife, I am the happiest man alive.

Until she ruins me.

My Rating -

As always, the writing was perfect because it's K.L. KREIG!!


While I adored Gray, I kept finding fault with Livia. From the first moment of this novella, I didn't like her and I think their story would be better served if I dropped this and just started with Forsaking Gray instead. I don't want to go into the story hating the girl (although I pretty much already do). So I'm going to take a step back, make something else wash this gross taste out of my brain (thanks for that, Livia) and continue on with this series another day.

Pearl White by Lindsay Marie Miller


It’s senior year at Maple Creek High. And Savannah is swarming with gossip about who killed the star quarterback.

Last summer, Addie Smith thought she’d witnessed her last murder. But when a letter arrives from France, she must revisit the past.

A French count invites Tom and Addie to spend Christmas with him in Paris. Hesitant at first, the young love birds fly to the romance capital of the world. But the count is haunted by a woman from his past.

A woman who spoke of an emerald necklace…

My Rating -

Honestly, this book has elements that I quite enjoy. It's got a touch of romance, a mystery, some thrilling and suspenseful parts, and it's young adult. Surely a recipe of enjoyment. Unfortunately, it was barely okay for me. I skimmed and skimmed and still don't know what I was 'reading'. I think it was one of those "it's not you, it's me" situations. I just couldn't get into it.

Goodnight, Nic by Marley Jacobs

Twenty-four-year-old Nicole Fletcher is having a rough summer. The woman who raised her is dying and there’s nothing she can do about it. Nothing but find solace in the forbidden fantasies starring her best friend’s younger brother. Nic knows there are some lines you can never cross – but when it comes to “little” Landon Pike, she kind of already has. She tries to stay away but when your world is falling apart, you can’t help but fall right along with it. Good thing Landon refuses to let her fall alone.

My Rating -

With the way I feel about this heroine, and the fact that the entire book is told from her POV, I think it's better that I quit now. I can't get over how self-absorbed she is, how she treats people, how she just doesn't seem to care. I'm sure this will change at some point later in the story, but with the way she's treating the male lead, after he's so freaking amazing... I can't get down with that.


  1. Thanks for reading these so I don't have to!

  2. Skimming is the worst and unless its for the sex scenes, it will largely affect my review. Sorry these were such disappointments though.


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