Sorry I Went Missing... again

February 20, 2024

Soooo I've been gone, off and on, for a bit. Dang anxiety keeps getting the best of me. But I'm pushing through. I think I just needed to put things in perspective a bit and take a bit of the pressure off.

I'm refusing to bite off more than I can chew. Or some other idiom that makes sense.

I'll still be posting reviews as I read books, but my other posts will have a set schedule.

  • Any series review will be posted on the 1st Monday of the month (if I have a series to review)
  • Books that get less than 3 stars will be posted on the 2nd Tuesday of the month
  • Worth Reading Wednesday will be posted on the 3rd Wednesday of the month
  • Throwback Thursday will be posted every other week... on a Thursday
  • My Friday Updates post will be shared every other week... on a Friday

I really hope you all will stick with me in the interim. I am looking forward to getting back on track sooner rather than later. I'm also hoping to get involved in some reading challenges, maybe sharing them and participating in them with some of you.

Again, I'm so sorry for not being terribly reliable. But I am back to liking and commenting on posts (at least on FB and blogs). I don't know why I struggle to engage on social media, but if someone has any tips, I'm all ears.

Take care!


  1. Don't worry about us. Take care of yourself. We know you will be here when you can be. No pressure! This is a hobby.

  2. So sorry you have been struggling with that. Anxiety is the WORST. I have found a scheduling really helps me a ton. Hope it ends up centering you in the ways that assists you the most.

  3. Take good care of yourself my friend! And no worries.. Life gets crazy at times for all of us. I'll keep coming back! ;)


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