Heavy Crown by Sophie Lark

January 17, 2024

Heavy Crown by Sophie Lark

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Heavy Crown by Sophie Lark

Heavy Crown by Sophie Lark

Rating - 1/2
Standalone - Brutal Birthright #6
Release - January 6, 2021
Genre/Trope - Contemporary Romance / organized crime
POV - Dual 1st person
Heat - explicit scenes
Source - ebook provided by NetGalley
Length - 426 pages

A Temptation I Couldn’t Resist...

I saw her being stuffed in a trunk: Yelena Yenin, only daughter of the most vicious Bratva boss in Chicago.

The Bratva hate my family. They burned my uncle alive. I should have left Yelena to her fate...

But she fought like a Valkyrie. Gorgeous, ferocious, and unbreakable.

I saved her so I could make her mine.

She says she’ll never submit to a man. I guess we’ll see…

I’ll push her to the limit. And far beyond.

“It’s you and me now, Yelena.
I love you more than anyone.
I’ll love you and protect you and adore you all our lives.
I’ll never stop.”

For my first try with this author, Heavy Crown was a good one. It had found family, plenty of action, some dark and sad moments, and tons of chemistry between the main characters.

Unlike his siblings, Sebastian was footloose and fancy free. He was starting to think that maybe he wasn't as content with his life as he should be. When Yelena crosses his path, things start looking up. She's absolutely gorgeous, a fierce warrior, and everything he could want in a woman. Too bad her father was the leader of the Bratva, his family's enemy. But isn't forbidden fruit so much sweeter?

It was easy to like both characters. There wasn't a lot of depth to them, or to the story, but it worked for me. There was something light about this book that softened the blow of all of its dark moments.

This is the sixth standalone in the series and it did read like a story that could stand alone. However, it also gave me just enough of the side characters that I want to read more about them. So I'll be going back to the beginning.

Sophie lives with her husband, two boys, and baby girl in the Rocky Mountain West. She writes intense, intelligent romance, with heroines who are strong and capable, and men who will do anything to capture their hearts.

She has a slight obsession with hiking, bodybuilding, and live comedy shows. Her perfect day would be taking the kids to Harry Potter World, going dancing with Mr. Lark, then relaxing with a good book and a monster bag of salt and vinegar chips.

Visit https://sophielark.com for more information.


  1. I've only read one book by this author and I liked it. Maybe I should try this one now that you loved it. I love the cover, but I also have a hard time distinguish whether it would be a romance or a fantasy.

    1. You're right, this one does have a cover typically found on fantasy books. But the original cover has a hot dude on it :)


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