Series Review // Broken by Azure Boone

November 20, 2023

Today's flashback is the Broken series by Azure Boone. This is a contemporary romance that tackles past abuse, a broken hero, some BDSM, tons of angst and emotional turmoil. I read it a long time ago and gave the series THREE STARS, but because it was so long ago, please take my ratings and reviews with a grain of salt.

Have you ever read these books? Are you interested in giving them a try?

Broken Desires by Azure Boone

1. Broken Desires

Sofia follows a dare and sets an appointment with the hot gynecologist she's crushing on. After an embarrassing series of events, she feigns a diabetes attack, leaves his office and prays she never sees him again. Two days later, she meets him in the supermarket and he asks her to dinner.

Daniel deals with his dark past by pleasuring women. Very selective with who he chooses for his erotic games, his next available choice, Sofia, doesn't measure up to the kind of woman he needs. But with his options near zero, he decides to take a chance, and soon discovers that pleasuring Sofia opens a door to a rewarding new desire.

Rating - ★★★1/2

I wasn't completely wowed by the book or the series thus far but I'm a true sucker for a broken, tortured man. And Daniel definitely fits the bill. Hot, sexy, remarkably intelligent (he's a doctor), dominant, possessive, funny, etc. And I'm thinking he has some sociopathic tendencies. I'm not quite sure so I'm willing to see how the series plays out.

Sofia was pretty likeable. She's painted in a real "saintly" light. She's a caregiver for her grandmother. She's an aspiring baker in the memory of her dad. She's a giver. Plain and simple. And she had some pretty funny inner monologue moments (“Why did he have to be so goddamn fine? His hard on had really affected her whoremones.”) However, she did annoy me with how desperate she seemed for Daniel. She was practically begging for him to like her!! And some of his behaviour was quite unacceptable to me but she rolled with it while I rolled my damn eyes. Anyhow, kudos to her for sticking it through because it paid off.

I'm curious to know how Seth and Dara both play out in the books to come.

Broken Lies by Azure Boone

2. Broken Lies

Dr. Daniel Fletcher gives up his career as a gynecologist and goes into the cookie business with his beautiful fiance Sofia. But his dark past refuses to stay buried when his sweet Sofia reunites him with his long lost brother Seth who can't keep his eyes off of his soon to be bride. Daniel is sure Seth is a fraud and a con and plans to prove it then kick him out of their lives. But Daniel isn't the only one with a dark past, and Seth's threatens to crush what is already broken.

Rating - ★★★1/2

Well I'm still enjoying the way things are coming along with this series. Nothing spectacular but enjoyable all the same. I think Daniel just needs to have a heart-to-heart with Sofia about his past. Shoot, it can't be worse than what Seth went through. Damn I feel bad for that kid but I kind of suspected the truth already. Just like I guessed correctly that Dara would be a bombshell once she landscaped lol. I'm a little confused though. I know Daniel and Sofia are engaged and the wedding is mentioned, but what exactly is the plan for the wedding??? Guess that's what I'll maybe learn in book 3.

Broken Souls by Azure Boone

3. Broken Souls

Daniel struggles to see his life as whole and not broken. But through his efforts to fix his past with his brother, he discovers souls can be broken too.

Rating - ★★★1/2

Okay. Sometimes I really hate cliffys, especially when the story isn't spectacular. But I just can't quit. Curiosity may have killed the cat but I'm human and I have to know the answers to all of life's mysteries!! The story is alright but the sex is fricken HOT!! Damn but that Daniel gives us good sex. Damn damn damn!

There is still so much going on with the Seth storyline. I have to know what happens next. And when will Daniel and Sofia finally get married considering the fact that they're having a baby?!

Well on to book 4.

Broken Free by Azure Boone

4. Broken Free

Daniel has been broken in every way for as long as he can remember. Will his wife and baby be enough to piece him back together? Can he break free from his past, when his father's sins still strangle his heart?

Rating - ★★★1/2

Well we're at the end??? I'm not sure because the author does leave an option for more.

What I liked: Daniel, Daniel's vulnerability, Daniel's loyalty, Daniel's scepticism... Did I mention Daniel? I liked that we also got some perspective from Seth through his own POV. Along with Daniel, he definitely deserved some HEA. And I'm so glad they both got that.

What I didn't like so much: Sofia's blindness/naïveté/stupidity. This really irritated me. A lot. Especially when it came to defending her "best friend" Dara. I saw that conclusion a freakin mile away. Idiot. I also didn't appreciate her outlook on every day situations. She came off uneducated sometimes. IMO.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read once again. The sex scenes were still HOT!! Damn the things Daniel liked in bed were unexpected a bit but no less freakin sexy as hell. This author writes good sex lol!! I wish we had more closure with Daniel's dad. Maybe if there's a book 5 I'll get that.


  1. Hmmm.. I'm not sure this would be a series for me. I'm glad you mostly seemed to enjoy it though ;)

    1. Thanks Maureen 💜 I wouldn't look at it twice now because my reading has changed.

  2. I might have enjoyed this in 2016, but I don't know about now. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Absolutely! I got swept up with the BDSM era like most of us, but it's not something I look for now. I still read books with it as part of the theme, but not THE theme.

  3. This sounds really interested. I do love BDSM as healing aspects in a romance. You definitely have me intrigued.


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