Review // The Naga Outcast's Unwanted Mate by Robin O'Connor

October 04, 2023

The Naga Outcast's Unwanted Mate by Robin O'Connor

Vera was willing to show me her soft sides and her vulnerabilities.
She didn't hesitate to share her feelings with me, good or bad.
A Naga female would never do any of those things.

The Naga Outcast's Unwanted Mate by Robin O'Connor

The Naga Outcast's Unwanted Mate by Robin O'Connor

My Rating - ★★★1/2
Standalone - Serpents of Serant #1
Genre and Trope - SciFi Romance / instalove and forced proximity
POV - Dual 1st person
Heat - descriptive scenes
Source - eARC provided by the author
Length - 219 pages

My family maneuvered me like a worthless pawn, then cast me away. I was supposed to be executed but even that didn’t go right. When I wake up, my whole world is tilted on its axis when I lock eyes with a monster.

He’s half snake, half man and somehow he’s the most alluring thing I’ve ever seen. When he touches me I can understand him and he says I’m his mate. But how’s that possible? I’ve never belonged anywhere.

When more of his kind chase us, cast us out, and try to do everything they can to keep us apart. I must fight for what I want, fight to keep the one place where I’m wanted. In the arms of my mate.

Cast out by my own Clan, by my very mother the Queen. I am left adrift until a skyship falls from the heavens, carrying with it my mate.

She is curvy and soft, everything I never knew I wanted. She’s perfect, and I will give up anything, climb any mountain, even crawl through the haunted ancestral caves if it means I can keep her. If only she’ll believe me when I swear she’s my heart.

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The Naga Outcast's Unwanted Mate by Robin O'Connor

My Two Cents

Zathar, the first-born serpentine son of the Queen, was cast out of his tribe for not finding a mate. Vera had a family that didn't want her and she never found a place to belong... until now. Crash landing on a strange planet delivered everything both of them could ever want—a home, found family, and eternal love.

I really enjoyed this story. From the moment I was introduced to the language barrier between the aliens and humans and the unique method the author chose for them to communicate, I was intrigued by this story. I liked Vera and Zathar, the world building, and the secondary characters who I'm sure will get their own stories some day. Even the characters who caused SO MUCH DRAMA kept me entertained. There was such warmth to these characters... well, most of them anyway... I found them so endearing.

While there were several sensual moments between Zathar and Vera, they took a backseat to the plot and the developing intimate bond growing between these characters. I really liked how although there was plenty of instalove and instalust vibes to this story, the relationship never felt rushed. There was a learning curve for these characters, forcing them to find common ground and to build a solid foundation for their future.

I would definitely read more from this series.

The Author

Robin O’Connor is the pen-name of an author who loves to write about strong, super sexy, alien heroes and quirky heroines. She lives with her husband and four year old son along with a couple hundred books (hers, definitely hers) and probably just as many computer parts (her husband’s). Her house therefore resembles something like a mad-scientist’s lab on any given day.

She’s always working on at least a half dozen projects at the same time but is never without time to answer questions, write up funny extras, or post fun quotes and cover WIPs from her books on Instagram.

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  1. Thanks for this. I may give it a read. Have a beautiful day. Regine

  2. Okay so naga got my attention because I feel like you don't see nagas a lot in PNR or romance in general, although I could be wrong? But they're one of those creatures I think are cool. :)

    Glad this one turned out good. :)

  3. That cover is something. It almost reminded me of Twilight and the sparkly vampires but this time aliens. I'm glad it was fun!


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