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April 16, 2023

Tattered by Devney Perry

What could I say that would convince Thea I'd be back?

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Tattered by Devney Perry

Tattered by Devney Perry

Standalone - Lark Cove #1
Release - June 19, 2018
Genre - Contemporary Romance / secret baby
POV - Dual 1st person
Heat - 3 out of 5
Format - ebook from Kindle Unlimited
Length - 372 pages

Thea Landry has always known her place in modern-day society. It’s somewhere just above the trash can her mother dumped her in as a newborn but below the class where much comes easy. With her tattered shoes and bargain-bin clothes, her life has never been full of glamour.

So when a rich and charismatic man takes interest, she doesn’t fool herself into thinking their encounter is anything more than a one-night stand. Months later, she’s kicking herself for not getting his phone number. Or his last name. She’s given up hope of seeing him ever again.

Until one day, years later, Logan Kendrick waltzes into her life once more and turns everything she’s built upside down. This time around, she won’t make the same mistake. She’s going to fight to keep him in her life—not for herself.

But for their daughter.

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Tattered by Devney Perry

My Two Cents

4 "I'll be there" stars

Thea and Logan shared an instant connection. After a one-night stand, they couldn't quite figure out how to forget. He remembered her while he was engaged to someone else. And she remembered him because... well, she was pregnant with his child.

Years later, Logan just happens to be in the neighborhood and the sparks between them are just as hot as they remembered. After the initial awkwardness, anger and regret once he found out that she had his child, all Logan wanted was to be with Thea. If only she could get out of the way of her own happiness.

While Logan was planning a happy ending for his family, I felt like Thea kept sabotaging things. She had secrets and would act out without explaining herself to the man she loved. Her reasons were valid—abandoned as a baby, growing up in a neglectful orphanage, never feeling like she belonged anywhere—and I understood. But she kept hurting Logan and I needed her to stop.

I also needed Logan to listen to her. He was making all of these plans in his head, not really considering her aversion to his ideas.

But that's what angst is all about, right? Misunderstandings... miscommunication... missed signals.

I wanted these characters to see what they could have together and compromise. I did not want Logan to do all of the bending. It was a bit unfair. He spent the entire story bending and almost breaking to please and appease Thea. I needed her to give too.

That was my only gripe with this story. I enjoyed everything else about it, from the pacing, the connection these people shared, their connections to the secondary characters, and the lives they were making. If all Devney Perry books read like this one, I'll be reading them all!

The Author

Devney is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today and #1 Amazon bestselling author.

Born and raised in Montana, she loves writing books set in her treasured home state.

After working in the technology industry for nearly a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to enjoy a slower pace at home with her husband and two sons.

Writing one book, let alone many, was not something she ever expected to do. But now that she’s discovered her true passion for writing romance, she has no plans to ever stop.

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  1. Yay!!! I love Devney and her writing and I'm so happy that you enjoyed this one. Those misunderstandings and miscommunication will have you plotting your alibi 🀣🀣 but it's so angsty! Terrific review as always Nat❤️❤️xoxo

    1. Thank you so much, lovely! πŸ’™πŸ’™
      Plotting my alibi, for freaking real lol
      I'm hoping to start the next book in this series soon :)

  2. I hate when the heroine doesn't tell the baby's father about his child. I almost never can forgive her. Did her past make it feel forgivable for you? I've only read this author once under her other pen name, but I've heard great things about her. Awesome review, babe! ❤️

    1. Thanks honey boo boo! πŸ’™πŸ’™
      In this case, she wanted to tell the father, but circumstances prevented her from doing so. And then she was scared he would take her child away. It was a mess, but not as messy as other secret baby books I've read. Her past and the fact that she hadn't really dealt with it or wouldn't share it with Logan is what irked me most. She kept cutting him out or shutting him out, hurting him. Not cool.

    2. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ Oh, okay! Got it!

  3. LOVELY REVIEW! Darling. And this is what I struggle with in many romances, is that the heroes' have to do ALL the leg work. I enjoyed this one when I read it, but your review reminded me of the issues I had with it. I want to see the true partnership in the relationship. The heroine needs to do some work and appreciate what the hero is willing to sacrifice for her.

    1. Thanks sweets! πŸ’™πŸ’™
      That bothers me a lot. When the hero is bending over backwards and the heroine doesn't reciprocate, it bothers me. Wouldn't we be annoyed if it was the other way around? If he had to grovel, I'd understand. But Logan had nothing to apologize for. So I didn't get why she made him work so hard for every morsel of her time and affection.

  4. Great review for this book! I remember loving it when I read it.

  5. I love Devney Perry, but haven't read this one yet. I'm not sure this would be for me though.. I just hate secrets and lies. And the main character sounds a bit frustrating.

    1. I don't really blame you, Maureen. I'm not a big fan of the secret baby trope for exactly those reasons. But this one was handled better than most :)


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