Review // Just a Little Wickedness by Merry Farmer

July 05, 2022

Just a Little Wickedness by Merry Farmer

It was ridiculous. Joe was a valet from a background that was barely middle class. The gentleman was obviously wealthy and titled. And yet, what made them different from normal men leveled the playing field between them. At least to a certain degree.

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Just a Little Wickedness by Merry Farmer

Just a Little Wickedness by Merry Farmer

Standalone - The Brotherhood #1
Release - March 6, 2020
Genre - Historical M/M Romance
Dual POV - 3rd person
Heat - 4 out of 5 / a few scenes
Format/Source - ebook borrowed through Kindle Unlimited
Length - 328 pages
Publisher - Indie

Lord Alistair Bevan, Viscount Farnham, has the weight of the world on his shoulders. With his father’s health ailing, the time has come for him to find a wife, produce an heir, and do his duty. But Alistair knows a traditional life is not for him, especially when a chance meeting with valet Joseph Logan turns his world upside down.

Joe Logan came to London in search of his missing sister, Lily. But months have passed, and not only is Lily still lost, more children have disappeared as well. The trail of the missing children might be growing cold, but things are just starting to heat up between Joe and Alistair.

When both Alistair and Joe seek out the help of The Brotherhood—an underground organization dedicated to helping the gay community—they are drawn into a much deeper investigation of children who have gone missing all over London. When it begins to look like people very close to Alistair’s family are involved, Alistair finally has a chance to make his father proud. But will the wild and wicked love blossoming between Alistair and Joe help them find Lily, or will their affair be exposed and destroy both of them?

My Two Cents

3 "Classism don't mean a thing" stars

Alistair is next in line for the earldom, expected to marry well and produce an heir. What is he to do when all he's ever wanted can be found with Joe Logan?

In a time where what he wanted and who he truly was were illegal, these two men were never meant to be. Forget the differences in their class. It would be a lifetime of sneaking around and stolen touches. Would it be worth it?

While not entirely an accurate depiction of what it was to be different in 19th century England, I was certainly entertained by this story. Instead of articulating the dark times, the author kept it light and playful. I think the bit of mystery that served as the underlying plot really helped with that. Children are missing, human trafficking at its ugliest. I hope they find all of the kids and Joe's little sister is safely returned home.

About the Author

Merry Farmer lives in suburban Philadelphia with her two cats, Torpedo and Justine. She has been writing since she was ten years old and realized one day that she didn't have to wait for the teacher to assign a creative writing project to write something. It was the best day of her life.

She then went on to earn not one, but two degrees in History so that she would always having something to write about. Today she walks the cutting edge of Indie Publishing, writing Historical and Contemporary Romance and Women's Sci-Fi. She is also passionate about blogging, knitting, and cricket and is working towards becoming an internationally certified cricket scorer.

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  1. I haven't read this book, but I have read this author in the past and I agree with your comments on her writing. She manages to add mystery while keeping things light. Although human trafficking - yikes! Great review!


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