Review // I'm With You by Bijou Hunter

July 09, 2022

I'm With You by Bijou Hunter

There are other girls in the world. However, I've come to the realization that there is no other Ramona.

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I'm With You by Bijou Hunter

I'm With You by Bijou Hunter

Standalone - Reapers MC: Shasta Chapter #1
Release - March 22, 2020
Genre - MC Romance/Contemporary
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 3 out of 5 / a few scenes
Format/Source - ebook purchase from Amazon
Length - 299 pages
Publisher - Indie

Shane Campbell is a man obsessed once he sees Ramona Verhees from across the street. The only problem is she’s the bastard daughter of the club president the Reapers pushed out of Shasta leadership months earlier. Romancing her will stir up a whole lot of hurt feelings and dueling loyalties. Shane, though, refuses to be denied.

I’m With You contains graphic sexual content, violent situations, harsh language, and drug use. The book is only appropriate for adult readers age 18+. Trigger warning topics: depression and suicide.

My Two Cents

3.5 "Never Gonna Give You Up" stars

It was love at first sight for Shane and it took some work to get there for Ramona.

She'd never met a man like Shane, a man who honestly liked her, respected her... who actually cared. Used to being abused and/or neglected, she knew nothing but pain from those who were supposed to protect her from it. How could she believe in all the goodness that he offered? In all of the goodness he made her feel?

This story, like others by this author, made me smile. A lot.

From the push and pull of the main relationship, the entertaining secondary characters, and everything in between, I enjoyed this book so much.

For an MC romance, it made for some easy reading. And although there were mentions of crimes, killings and mayhem, none actually appeared on page. I kinda wish it would. The warning about graphic sexual content... not so much.

I do wonder who is killing women in Shasta. Will this be explored in future books of this series?

About the Author

I'm a romance author of Romantic Comedy and Suspense. Living in Indiana with my three sweet sons, three wacky cats, one super mom, I love 1970s rock, Call of Duty, and sitcoms canceled before their time.

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  1. It seem like this was a solid read here. I am intrigued by this. And with content warnings I think there is such pressure from the community to have them that the content might be lighter than what is relayed in the content warning.

    1. It's annoying because I expected some graphic details. And got only vague descriptions. Some people in the community need to chill or stick to reading 'clean' books or something.

    2. haha preach it!!! Some readers get some offended so easily by things, some things I understand (like the big stuff) but most of it is like weird. Like your reading a dark romance but you are shocked by the content and didn't do your research, what do you expect haha I think they have pushed authors to the point that they risk being "cancelled" if they don't put in trigger or content warnings of every little thing. Its ridiculous. So I don't really blame authors, I blame certain factions in the community that should just stick with those illustrated romances, those are safe and easy. lol

    3. It does irk me so. The few ruining things for the many and all that. Some reviews I see for books are ridiculous. Are they serious??? LOL

  2. That's interesting that there wasn't on page club violence and the steam factor wasn't as high as you were expecting. I would have been surprised by both of those things as a reader. Great review!

    1. Thanks Deanna! xo
      It's an MC Romance, so I expected some type of details. However, I was satisfied that it stayed mostly on the romance :)


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