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September 29, 2021

The Boss by Melanie Moreland review

Every day with Evie was like another present I got to unwrap and discover.
She was clever and witty.
Shy and sweet.
Passionate and sexy when I lit the flame inside her.

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The Boss by Melanie Moreland book cover

The Boss by Melanie Moreland

Standalone - Men of Hidden Justice #1
Release - October 14, 2021
Genre - Contemporary Romance with suspenseful elements
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat Level - 3 out of 5 / several scenes
Format/Source - eARC provided by the author (Thank you @Grey's Promotions)
Page Count - approx. 200
Publisher - Moreland Books Inc

Men of Hidden Justice
Because love can bleed into the darkest heart

Terrified and on the run, I was lost.

He found me.

I witnessed his crime and he gave me a choice.

Marriage or death.

I never expected to love him.

But the choices were never really mine.

Could this avenging angel of death ever love me back?

His touch consumed me.

Did my heart stand a chance?

Previously published on Book+Main and in Take Me To Bed Collection. New added content for a complete romantic suspense experience.

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My Two Cents

For a story that started out so dark, it ended up being a sweet romance!

Evie was a woman who basically came from nothing, had no one, and was a fool's punching bag. Matteo was the kind of man who ate fools for breakfast. And when Evie sees some things that she should have run away from, her life, as worthless as she saw it, changed for the better.

While I did find parts of the story dragged a bit, I was captivated. I do wish that Matteo's action was on page rather than having to deal with the emotional fallout because of it. I guess I wanted the tone from the beginning to flow right through. However, I was still entertained by the writing and all of the characters that I'm sure will feature in some way in the books to come.

At some point, I thought with Evie being passive, submissive, and fragile would get on my nerves... but it didn't happen. I really enjoyed the dynamic between her and Matteo. He was a man who was used to getting his way in all things, but showed a softer side to the woman he loved. She was a woman who didn't seem to know her own mind sometimes and seemed in need of direction. And yet, not once did I find her pathetic or worthy of pity. She found the perfect man for her in the most imperfect of circumstances.

Why can't I stumble upon some hot vigilantes, killing some bad people, and find myself a husband too?

About the Author

New York Times/USA Today bestselling author Melanie Moreland, lives a happy and content life in a quiet area of Ontario with her beloved husband of twenty-seven-plus years and their rescue cat, Amber. Nothing means more to her than her friends and family, and she cherishes every moment spent with them.

While seriously addicted to coffee, and highly challenged with all things computer-related and technical, she relishes baking, cooking, and trying new recipes for people to sample. She loves to throw dinner parties, and also enjoys traveling, here and abroad, but finds coming home is always the best part of any trip.

Melanie loves stories, especially paired with a good wine, and enjoys skydiving (free falling over a fleck of dust) extreme snowboarding (falling down stairs) and piloting her own helicopter (tripping over her own feet.) She’s learned happily ever afters, even bumpy ones, are all in how you tell the story.

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  1. I read your last line and laughed. I'm kind of scared of what the man you would meet in that situation.


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